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Dear Editor

With reference to the letter from B.Henshaw of Syston in the October edition of the Stn, I would like to point out that the byelaws were changed by the Parish council to allow any class of vehicle to enter the park to a space set apart for that purpose.

A copy of the Byelaws can be obtained on request from the Council office.

My belief is that all previous byelaws relating to Syston Recreation grounds made in March 1921 were repealed on the 6 Feb 1979.

R. N. Hill


Dear Editor

We think the people of Syston and area should be aware of the dire position of one of Syston’s services that could be gone if no-one comes forward to help.

Age concern Syston is a self-funding charity here in Syston located in the methodist church hall.

We open five days a week from 09.00-12.30 giving help and advice on anything that the next client may bring through our doors. We help people get cleaners, painter and decorators, gardeners, and odd -job men. We fill in all sorts of forms from Power of Attorney, Attendance allowance, Carers allowance, blue badge, passports, council tax, pension credit. Any form you get we will help you fill in. We also do home visits to those of you who just cannot get into the office because of your disability or illness, You name it, we do it!

We organise excursions for our members with our minibus which most community groups use. We hold weekly ‘Get togethers’ for coffee, tea and a chat. On top of all this we run two day care groups meeting on Mondays, and one respite care group meeting once a month on Tuesdays. This is to give the carer a break.

Our problem is funding all of this. We are coming to a standstill with regards to revenue coming in and bills still to be paid. We have two staff to run the office, we have two day care leaders and one respite care leader that require wages. There is the general running of the office which includes rent for the rooms, insurances, telephone, stationary, photo-copying,postage, and the upkeep and maintenance of our minibus.

We do not charge for our services as most of our clients are already on benefits or are applying for them. We rely on many, many volunteers to support all we do.

We are looking for sponsorship, grants, donations, bequests in wills, ideas for fund raising. We have in the past had abseiling, sky dives, and marathon runners all sponsored for us. So anyone out there with any ideas, please contact us as this is getting rather serious. By Easter at the latest, Age concern Syston could disappear from Syston and district. We have proved we are a much needed service here in Syston for the community since 1979. Cases in 1980s averaged fifty per year, cases in the year 2010 numbered 682, with 770 in 2011 and 772 in 2012, so please try and help us stay here as one day you might need us and we will not be here.

Many Thanks
Staff, Trustees and members of Age Concern Syston.


Dear Editor

Could someone on Syston Town Council please tell me what has happened to the traffic wardens that used to be seen around Syston?? There are double yellow lines down Walkers Way near to the Co-op car park, but whenever I visit this car park there are?cars?parked on the road?at both sides of the car park entrance. When exiting the car park it is almost impossible to see if the road is clear, making it quite dangerous and this could easily cause an accident.
Or do double yellow lines not mean ‘NO Parking’ any more?



Dear Editor

Now that Allan Clarke has left his post as Syston Town Manager to pursue his further career, I would like to record my gratitude for the immense work he has done for our town.

Under his management the Council became involved in a big way with local groups to name a few – the Allotments Society, the Chamber of Trade, Syston ATC, Syston in Bloom, and others who were recognised?and welcomed at the annual Civic Reception. Allan felt the community and Syston Town Council should work together.? Allan ensured that the Community Centre was a warm and welcoming place to all. The Parks and Estates have never looked better, because he earned the respect of all who worked under his management.

During my time as Council Chairman, I knew that, with Allan, the town was in safe hands. I wish him well in his future career. Allan’s leaving is?a great loss to Syston.

Howard Midgley