The Leicestershire Speakers


The January meeting got underway with a comical soldiers poem entitled ‘Bloody Orkneys’.

Morag Wilkes sobered us up with a study of Picasso’s Guernica which he created to mark the terrible fate of the innocents in the market town of that name in the Spanish civil war.

Closer to home Wyn Glen overawed  us with how she dealt with the sudden death of a much loved husband, Ian. We were led through her initial discovery, the paramedics, the family reactions and her amazing calmness and clarity at the centre of the storm. A situation that would have overwhelmed the majority. A never to be forgotten account.

Bollards, to you and I are obstacles for preventing vehicular access. Rosie Glover gave us a potted history of the origins of bollards for mooring boats and an amusing take on modern illuminated and self moving ones.

Topics Chairman for the evening was Andrea Freedman, a past member, making a welcome visit from the south. Her theme was reality T.V. shows. Several members were asked to ‘audition’ for acceptance onto a specified show.

Anne Jones auditioned for blind date and would like to meet an immaculately dressed man who would be a good talker. She would offer good food and would also talk a lot.

There was Stan playing music on the X-factor, Val in Tromso on Wife Swap, Alex played the sympathy card to good effect to get on Big Brother.  Margaret with Stars in Her Eyes proposed to be Joyce Grenfell, but singing, in her previously unheard husky voice, that jazz classic – Don’t Do That George. Bev would model herself as Anne Widdicome for Strictly Come Dancing. Mark would go on Mastermind, knowing among many useless facts that one should never eat polar bears liver as it is pure vitamin A and it would kill you.

The Leicestershire Speakers welcome anyone who would like to learn the art of speaking in public. Our meetings are supportive, informative and entertaining, helping to turn nervous wrecks into confident speakers. We meet at 7.30pm on the second Wednesday of every month at the Blaby Drop in Centre. For more information, ring Anne Jones on 0116 277 2295. We can also provide entertainment and talks to other societies and groups.