Your Horoscope – February

March 20 – April 19
Your partner is full of energy and ‘get up and go’! However, you won’t necessarily see eye to eye, even though you understand them completely. It’s best to give each other some space and ‘agree to disagree’, at least for now. As some community commitment comes to an end, you enjoy socialising on a more personal level.

April 20 – May 20
A loved one has a good deal ‘on their mind’, although, thankfully they have ‘come through’ many challenges as regards their financial and practical circumstances. As this crisis has now passed, life will now be much easier  and certainly more pleasant, for both of you! This frees you up considerably and life is more fun.

May 21 – June 20
All your hard work pays off this month, as completed tasks lead to pleasant changes as regards your daily life. So things are considerably ‘better’ and you can now experience a much ‘lighter and brighter’ existence! However, it’s now time to catch up with tasks at home and this won’t be totally plain sailing, so do take your time.

June 21 – July 21
As financial changes bring concern, you won’t feel particularly confident this month; although ‘all the signs’ are positive and you will slowly start to actually see this, as time goes on! A partner wrestles with some position of power and won’t always enjoy the challenges concerned; it’s a good job you can help to support them.

July 22 – August 22
You’ve come to the end of a way of looking at things and a new perspective ‘dawns upon’ you! A loved one is upbeat and confident, being rather happy with current developments and able to provide you with a little warmth and comfort. A busy work schedule and a power game at work provide total fascination.

August 23 – Sept 22
Spending money comes a little too easily and this makes you uncomfortable! But being as you’re naturally at the end of a life phase, you can at least throw all your concerns into a ‘melting pot’ and come up with a master plan. Work is rather fun and loved ones make things even more worthwhile. A social power game just bores you.

Sept 23 – Oct 22
A new determination sets in this month, as you realise that you’re really going to have to push firmly ahead, if you are to achieve certain possibilities. This is timely indeed, as a work project, or even job comes to an end! Spending special time with friends heartens you and doors open up to some wonderful social times.

Oct 23 – Nov 21
Heavy considerations weigh upon you but, happily you manage to focus on some great developments at home, promising much ‘uplift’ for the family. You realise that you have reached the end of a work phase but also that work isn’t everything. Your ‘rather feisty’ outlook manages to overcome some power games at work.

Nov 22 – Dec 20
Finally, you face up to your financial situation and although this is not necessarily ‘good news’ it really isn’t as bad as you think! Still, you aren’t convinced. But life turns out to be much brighter than you could ever imagine, with rather a lot of fun ‘on offer’ when it comes to day-to-day matters. You decide to turn a new page on life.

Dec 21 – Jan 19
Some emotional power game is not to your liking and is certainly getting you down! However, you don’t give up that easily and are determined to push ahead regardless. This is probably the best thing to do. But you’re beginning to have a major re-think when it comes to your total life’s direction and objectives. Yes, an interesting time.

Jan 20 – Feb 17
You’re feeling your very best these days, probably because a partnership matter has been resolved. You now know that best way forward and will feel rather inspired, especially when you realise that financial dreams really are possible! Your mental strength is particularly good at the moment, which helps you to push ahead.

Feb 18 – March 19
You know that you need to anchor your dreams and be a little more realistic! You are more than capable of thinking things through logically this month and putting your life into good order. With a major work project now complete, this frees you up energetically so you do get a strength boost! You sort anything out that is essential.