Letters Page March 201

The Editor
I have grave concerns about the plans to build houses and a cemetery on land between Syston and Queniborough.

  •  This would effectively join Queniborough and Syston. Syston is already joined to Leicester via Thurmaston. Before long, Queniborough would become a suburb of Greater Syston, in the same way that Knighton, Belgrave and Humberstone are suburbs of Leicester. Once one bit of green belt goes, the rest will fall like dominoes, because the principle behind objection will have gone. Is that what Syston and Queniborough residents want? It is certainly NOT what I want.
  •  Given the proposal for 4,500 houses to the north-east of Thurmaston, are the proposed developments at Queniborough Lodge and Millstone Lane necessary?
  •  Syston Council vigorously tried to resist housing on Barkby Road, and the size of the development on Station Road. The fact that the Council is endorsing the proposed development suggests double standards and a lack of backbone amongst Syston councillors. The fact that the Council has given its word to the landowner on Ridgemere Lane clearly means nothing, which to me reflects lack of integrity.
  •  It has been suggested by a Syston Town Councillor that the loss of a small strip of land between Queniborough and Syston is a small price to pay. I don’t think it is. The current thinking is set to eradicate the local communities, and the erosion of a sense of identity is irrevocably damaging. With community comes belonging and a sense of responsibility.
  • Traffic in Syston is already reaching gridlock, mainly as a result of other housing developments. This proposal will exacerbate the situation, especially as it will only be accessible from Millstone Lane. The Millstone Lane/Parkstone Road/Melton Road junction is difficult enough as it is.
  •  Queniborough vigorously opposed plans for a cemetery on Ridgemere Lane. As a result they have only themselves to blame for the current proposal, which is the only remaining attempt to provide Syston with a cemetery. I would suggest that Queniborough relax its objections to the Ridgemere idea.
  •  If the plan were passed, who would own the new cemetery, which would be in Queniborough Parish, and who could be buried there? Who would maintain it?
  •  What will happen if Charnwood approved the housing and not the cemetery?

A concerned Syston Resident.


Dear Editor.
In response to the letter in February Issue about the traffic warden.
I can assure (Pat) that the warden is alive and well. I see him in the village. The yellow lines in walkers way can be used by disabled drivers for up to 3 hours, as long as they are not causing an obstruction. The car park have gained nothing by putting up the price as not so many people use it now and also stopping disabled from free parking has caused them to use the road.
Having to produce your receipt from the day is a pain as I often leave it in my shopping bag so get refused my money back. If one has paid £1 the ticket should be enough.
Yours sincerely.
Mrs A Grimsley. Syston.


Dear Editor
Readers may or may not be aware of the County Council’s proposed changes to Melton Road (between Syston Road and Millstone Lane).  The Council have only notified residents who live close to the road but of course this issue affects  many people in the area. In short, the proposed changes are as follows:
The installation of seven speed ‘cushions’; a mini roundabout at the junction of Syston Road; to raise the existing pelican crossing at New Zealand Lane and to erect a ‘gateway feature’ such as already exists at three locations in Queniborough. The speed limit is also to be reduced to 30mph, although the installation of so many speed bumps will of course reduce the traffic to a much slower pace, which is ridiculous as this is after all a main road. All these changes to such a short stretch of road!  Surely a more sensible approach would be to simply reduce the speed limit to 30mph rather than spending vast sums of money which, we are told, the Council does not have.
If you disagree with the Council’s proposals you can contact them by email: [email protected], quoting reference number 4276.0000 or call Peter Doggett, Accident Investigation & Prevention Team, Tel: 0116 305 0001.
Miss K Hill,


Dear Editor
Having lived in Syston for over 30 years, and a regular in the town square, I was saddened to hear of the sweet shop closing.
Why is it that every time someone opens a business in the town square, they close down within a few months or weeks? Surely the council can do more to lower the rates which must be high.
Syston has got such a good reputation for shopping, local interest, history etc, it has grown over the years and still remains a great place to live.
C. Tebbutt


Dear Editor,
I read with interest the letter from J Rogers re fencing of Deville Play Area. The normal procedure for the Council is to obtain three quotes and then make their decision on ‘best value’. Obviously this has not happened.
The main fact in all of this is that the Council has decided that Deville play area should be fenced off away from any harm. Does this mean they have a programme to fence off the other play areas on parks such as Winfield and Archdale Street, or is it that the inappropriate signs on Deville provoked such fury that they felt that something had to be done to appease the residents.
It cannot be right to fence one play area and leave the rest. It will be interesting to see what their decision will be.
J Midgely


Dear Editor
Copy of a Letter sent to Syston Town Council.I notice, from last month’s STN, that Syston Town Council is embarking on some sort of public consultation for Adult Recreation Equipment. I do feel that this is worthy of serious consideration, and that the public should have sight of detailed plans, equipment description, cost, and location, in order to make an informed choice. Until I have a better idea of what is proposed, I cannot support it, especially as there is so much pressing need for recreation investment in Syston, eg. the pavilion, fencing off play equipment in the parks, etc.
H. Midgley