New Barkby WI

At New Barkby WI’s first meeting of 2014, Biddy Saunders welcomed members and presented Mary Gamble with the competition trophy for gaining the most points during 2013.

Speaker for the evening was Felicity Austin, who gave a comprehensive account of how everyone mostly coped with World War 2 and its austerity.
Life on the home front
‘’Make do and mend’ and ‘Dig for victory’ were two phrases instilled in the minds of families as they had to cope with food shortages and rationing, including only being allowed one egg per fortnight, together with small amounts of bacon, sugar, butter, and cheese. Vegetables were grown from a garden in Leicester’s Victoria park, and sheep were grazed on Western Park. There was varying quality of sausage meat, with whale meat also being used!

To accompany the talk, Felicity wore clothes of the period, and was also wearing a pair of spectacles, the frames of which were the issue at the times of the 1940’s.
Members were invited to join in the singing of ‘You are my sunshine’ and ‘Run rabbit run’. Some members gave their own anecdotes, and it was an extremely lively and informative evening.

The vote of thanks was given by Angela Montague.

Raffle was won by Kerstyn Fryman.

Tea hostesses were J.Bishop and S.Gamble.

Wednesday March 5th – Wild life on the Galapogos islands, Syston Community centre at 7.30pm, Visitors welcome to attend.