Stn Report on the Full Syston Town Council Meeting held on Tuesday 28th January 2014

There were 13 Town Councillors present and County Councillor D houseman. Also 11 members of the public including four police.

Public Adjournment
Mr Gamble gave an invitation to all councillors from the Friends of St Peter and St Paul’s Church to tea on 9th February.

Policing Issues
Inspector Paul Harrison acting on behalf of Inspector Tim McCabe who is on long term sick. He wanted to update the council on police issues.

He explained changes that had occurred and that more would be needed as they were required to make savings of £23m over five years up to 2016. As 83% of the force’s costs are people it means that there will be less PCs on the streets. However, in Syston through changes to LPU and a new model introduced of a neighbourhood team will maintain a street presence. The Leicestershire Police force has reorganised itself so there are different units within the force, for example; traffic police, rapid response teams which cover larger areas and then the local beat teams, known as Beacon teams. Syston’s team is made up of six PCs and four PCSOs which means Syston bucks the trend and has more PCs than before.

He also reiterated that Syston Police Station will remain open because it is the main Station for the unit which covers a large area from the outskirts of Loughborough to Melton Mowbray up to the city at Thurmaston with all in between. The front desk will close as it is not the most effective use of staff and most contact from the public is by telephone, either by 101 for non-emergencies and 999 for emergencies.

He explained how crime in Charnwood over the last year has reduced and gave the council details of the results for the last year which showed a positive detection rate.He mentioned the case of Syston woman who had been given a Criminal Anti-Social Behaviour Order, see article page 32, so she could face a prison sentence if she breaches the conditions.He was asked about response times and he said that due to smarter use of teams within the constabulary, he can call on up to 200 officers. He said that in Syston there is always an officer on the beat. He spent some time answering questions from councillors and public covering a range of topics including response times to 999 calls and non emergencies, in reply to that question he said; 999 calls response is 10 minutes maximum, other non emergencies up to one hour. He finished by saying that Crime Prevention materials were now available.All minutes were agreed.

Chairman’s announcements and Communications
Two communications received one from Mr Midgely re-Millstone lane. The other from Sir Clive responding to a council letter about Syston Police Station.

Member’s Questions received to the Chairman
One question was received from Cllr K Pacey with regard to progress of the Fire Sign. Cllr Screaton updated the council and said it was in hand and should be complete and ready for re-erecting in the approved place, weather permitting before the end of the month.Cllr K Pacey also asked to have a six monthly meeting with the LPU Inspector as in previous years.
This was referred back to Amenities and Resources committees for discusssion.
Cllr H Screaton did remind Councillors that Insp Tim McCabe invited the Council and that no one turned up!
Final point referred to the premises officer who is busy repairing the Pavillion as the Youth Cafe may still be going there!

Co-option of New Councillors
There were three vacancies and three applications. Mr. J  Lucas, Merton ward. Mr. D Pepper, St Peters East ward. Mrs Asmal, St Peters West. All proposed and agreed. All welcomed by chairman Cllr S Hampson.

Charnwood Borough Council Core strategy: Sustainable Urban Extension
The Chairman Cllr S Hampson said that a formal response from the Syston Town Council was now needed and asked Councillors to give their views. The councillors discussed aspects of concern with several councillors making valid comment. Some agreed with concerns raised by BABTAG re-using fertile farmland and increasing likelihood of more flooding. Infrastructure unable to cope with the proposed increase in traffic. The loss of separation from the City. A list of their concerns would be drawn up and put into a formal objection and sent to Charnwood Borough Council before the closing date in February.

County Councillor’s Report
Cllr D. Houseman congratulations to new councillors. Spoken about the newly launched Green Plaque award. This was to celebrate and recognise the people and places in Leicestershire that have contributed to the county’s rich historic and cultural heritage. It is hoped the scheme will also provide educational opportunities for local school children, raise public awareness of local conservation issues and add to the county’s tourism, by recognising previously unknown tourist attractions. Residents will be able to make nominations covering themes such as War heroes, local heroes and famous people, people or places with cultural and or heritage connections, philanthropists, benefactors and entrepreneurs, building or place of historic and or architectural importance nominated for Green Plaques must have been deceased for at least 20 years. Voting will take place later this year. He then talked about the revenue budget which is £354m for Leicestershire County Council. With the Adult social Care budget being £127m.

Borough Council Reports
Cllr T Barkley reiterated the welcome to the new councillors and went on to say that Charnwood had helped in creating 34 young apprentices an example being in housing for a trainee surveyor. He also said that they had arranged a contract worth £60, to improve Charnwood’s housing stock. He had attended a jobs fair combined with LCC and the Job centre which was well attended. He talked about the re-structuring of landlord services which is available to both private and public sector landlords.
With regard finance at Charwood BC the budget plan was to be considered at the February full Council and for the fourth year running have no increase in Council Tax . He also talked about the need to make comments on the Core Strategy.
Cllr. K Pacey talked about the work being done on the complaints aspect and that most had been from housing, new proposals should address these issues. In respect to licensing, there are some changes that will affect across the borough, he said he would circulate to councillors when available and approved by CBC.
Cllr S Hampson said the Budget for County Council would be set beginning of February and that he had sat on three scrutiny committees and had no problems to report.