Letters – April 2014

Dear Editor

This evening,Tuesday 25th February, Syston Town Council had its monthly meeting. Part of its role was to adopt the minutes of its committee meetings, held during the past month. The Development and General Purposes Committee, on 4th February,?passed the resolution which I have attached as item 1. (The letter referred to in Item 1 was presumably the one I sent, and copied to Queniborough Council and Gazette.)

I attended the meeting last night, Tuesday 25th Febraruy and made a representation which I have attached as item 2. In response Cllr Dolan, the chairman of the Development Committee, lectured me, saying that if the public had attended committee meetings they might very well not have come out against the proposed development. When it came to adopting the resolutions of the Development Committee they were adopted unanimously without discussion.

It is clear to me that Syston Town Council has a very cynical view about the people it is supposed to represent.

Kind regards

Howard Midgley



Dear Editor

Charnwood Borough Council’s website describes that Councillors from Syston have broken their own code,3rd March. The biggest surprise was that one of them was Charnwood’s own Deputy Leader and furthermore it was not the first time (May 2012). No sanctions were recommended.? Why??

The Deputy Leader is also a County Councillor, but has breached town council conduct on more than one occasion. So are we to assume that the decisions made at Syston become illegal and?do not matter, and any rules are there to be broken.

Syston, Charnwood, County Council and the Conservatives may be ambivalent?but the electorate deserve better representation than this.

Alison Clarke


Dear Editor

Through your community paper I would like to pass on a Huge Thank You to the person who found ‘Misty the cat’ in a garden in School Street, Syston, and handed her into the Syston vets where she was reunited with her owner.

Unfortunately this kind person did not leave their name or contact details so we were unable to thank them personally, so we hope they read this.

Grateful Thanks from a very relieved Older Lady and of course her companion Misty.