Mrs B Saunders welcomed New Barkby members to their March meeting. A minutes silence was held in memory of member Mrs Rosemary Randall, who passed away recently.

After the business matters had been discussed, a welcomed return visit to talk about the Galapagos islands was made by Mrs Val Williams, who showed slides as she gave her account of her trip from a few years ago.

There are several islands in the group, which belong to Ecuador. Puerto Ayora houses the Charles Darwin research station. He formulated the principle of evolution by natural selection.

The slides showed blue-footed Boobies, Red Frigate birds, who really puffed themselves out, Flamingos also featured.

As well as birds, there were the giant tortoises, which can live for approximately two hundred years, and colonies of penguins and sea lions. The area is also popular with lizards, snakes and iguanas.

Before catching the boat back to the mainland, Quito, for the plane journey home, the visitors have to climb down a twelve-foot cliff, but it was all worthwhile for such a fascinating holiday.

The vote of thanks was given by Mrs P Warren.

Competition for two letters, ‘D’ – Mrs A Talbot with a miniature model of a dolphin, and ‘E’ – Mrs V Cobb with a ostrich egg.

Tea Hostesses – Mrs K Fryman and Mrs C Grant.

The April meeting will be held on Wednesday 2nd April 7.30pm  with Mrs. J Marshall talking about ‘Traditional Corn Dollies’.

Visitors welcome to attend