Stn Report on the Full Council meeting of Tuesday 25th February 2014

There were 15 Town Councillors present and three members of the public. Apologies were received from four Town Councillors and one County Councillor.
The Reflection was read by Cllr. M Carnal.

Public Adjournment

Mr H Midgely asked the council about item 5 on the evenings agenda relating to adoption of the Development and General Purposes committee with specific reference to item 405/14, Response to public consultation. He said that he felt the council should pay attention to what the public said about the proposed development. He said he had concerns that if the council adopted the minutes they were ignoring the public consultation and declared public opinion. He went on to say the the council is there to represent the public not to dictate to it. Also if the council feel that the public response was insignificant, that was probably a result of lack of publicity beforehand and maybe it would be useful to have a wider consultation.
His other point related to the same item in that it was proposed by the Council Chairman, who in December 2012 at an amenities meeting had made clear that he would declare an interest in all matters pertaining to a cemetery.
A response from Cllr. C Dolan, whereby she said she felt that if the same amount of people attended other meetings as she had they would understand the constraints faced by the council, and she felt would agree with the proposal.

Agree Minutes

All but the amenities minutes were agreed. The item 413/14 Adult Equipment was after some lengthy discussion referred back to that committee for further discussion.

Chairman’s announcements and Communications

A letter had been received from Bellinger’s the designers for the Cemetery to say that the site on millstone lane will be smaller than first planned, there is to be a loss of 1/10th of the site reducing it to 5.20. Acting Town Manager asked for the removal of standing orders to enable council to agreed revised design. This was agreed and passed.
A letter had been received in response to the letter sent to him by the council. The letter was read out and repeated what the council had been told last month by the visiting Inspector of Police.
A letter had been received form the Post Office alerting the council to their closure for refurbishment, between 17th and 28th March, they will re-open on Saturday 29th March. This was advertised in Stn March issue.
The final communication related to the carriage works on Brookside which were due to be completed the day after this meeting.

No Member’s Questions received Police Report

No officer present to answer any questions relating to the report circulated to councillors.

Charnwood Crime and safety Forum- Appointment of Delegate

Cllr. K Pacey no longer able to attend due to clash with his Charnwood Borough Council commitments. Cllr. D Pepper offered to take up the appointment and attend the next meeting on 28th April at 7.00pm. This was agreed.

Horace A Taylor Fund; Appointment of Trustee

A new trustee is required, they meet four times a year at the Community centre. Cllr. K Pacey offered and it was agreed that he become the new trustee.

Astro Turf Funding for Wreake Valley Academy
The representative from the project, Mr Springthorpe had sent his apologies as was unwell. Cllr N Gee summarised the project and the urgency for a proposal as the FA require the detailed information by 12th March 2014. After a long discussion a proposal was put forward and agreed by the council to support the project by using £30,000 of S106 money, once a written agreement from Wreake Valley Academy was received and agreed.

County Councillor’s Report

Cllr. D Houseman sent apologies so Cllr. S Hampson gave a short report telling councillors about reductions that the County Council are going to have to make which includes reducing grass verge cutting from seven to four times a year, reviewing services, although young people and older people services should be maintained. School transport is under review. The response to the reduced street lighting has received a positive reaction. He mentioned the proposed vehicle restrictions proposed for Melton road between Millstone Lane and Syston Road, Queniborough and said he believe they are reasonable and need to be reconsidered. He confirmed that the County Council tax would not be increased due to a one percent grant from the National Government.

Borough Council Reports

Cllr. E Vardy reported that Charnwood have set the budget and the Neighbourhood plan seminar was held in Loughborough where they were told about the positives and negatives of developing a plan. Cllr. S Gerard had represented Syston and he said that she would report back to the council. The SUE/Core strategy has an independent inspector who will be reviewing the plan over the 19th and 20th March in Loughborough.
Cllr. K Pacey commented that it was good to have Cllr. T Barkley looking after the finance at Charnwood but also at Town level. He spoke about the Members reference group meeting which looks and plans training for Councillors. The Licensing meeting had nothing to report. He has been on some finance training and reported that it was excellent.