Syston Police Unit News

Beat surgeries

Saturday 19th April 3.00pm in the Co op, Syston.

Crime Prevention Advice

Theft of Cycles has increased in Syston.
? Ensure you have adequate insurance that covers your bicycle.
? Keep a record of your bike – take a clear colour photograph and keep a written record of its description.
? You can upload pictures and serial numbers to or use Smart water.
? Keep your bike in a secure shed or garage.
? Invest in a good quality bicycle lock – D locks or combination locks are best – look for ‘Sold Secure’ approved models or ask at a bicycle shop for a recommendation.
? Secure your bike to an immovable object – where possible use a bike rack or ground anchor which offers multiple locking points.
? Lock both wheels and the frame to the immovable object.
? Avoid leaving your bike in dimly lit or isolated places. Leave your bike where a potential thief can be easily seen.

Anti Social Behaviour

Please always report any anti social behaviour you see, or being affected by. The police have powers to deal with anyone causing alarm, harassment or distress. All calls are kept confidential.
Be aware of people acting suspiciously near your home and report incidents immediately by calling 101.
If you become aware of anyone local to you that maybe involved in crime please come forward with any information you have, however small. All calls are kept confidential and anonymous and can be reported to either 101 or crimestoppers 0800 555 111.
Register your property free of charge at
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Neighbourhood Watch

There has been a number of new schemes set up around Syston. Should you wish to volunteer to be a NHW Coordinator, please contact myself. It doesn’t take up too much time once a scheme is set up and will involve the occasional leaflet drop and forwarding of emails. NHW is an invaluable tool to share information in the community and look out for each other.

Shop Watch

We are currently setting up a shop watch scheme in Syston, this will be a valuable tool to share information and report suspicious activity, with the overall objective of making Syston a safer place to live, work and shop. Any retailer wishing to join please contact myself.