BBC Radio Leicester’s Clueless Visits Syston

On Sunday 23rd March, those of you who are regular listeners to BBC Radio Leicester will know that Syston was included in the programme ‘Clueless’. This is where the ‘Doctor’, an unknown member of the BBC Radio Leicester’s team sets a series of clues for radio listeners to solve, with Tony Wadsworth in the studio taking calls and their roving reporter Julie Mayer on the road, they try to find hidden clues around Leicestershire, which leads them to some ‘Treasure’.

On this occasion the second clue was hidden somewhere in Syston – it was in-fact under some artwork sited on the edge of Clover Way, where before the small development was built a large thatched Cottage sat, known as Weavers Lodge.

The picture above shows the moment that Julie retrieved the clue!

Sitting in the car listening to the listeners directing Julie was an interesting experience for your editor, as initially they sent Julie to the Hobby Horse due to part of the clue being misinterpreted and relating it to a race horse, but eventually with the help of other callers who explained that trefoil may refer to the badge worn by girl guides and resembled a clover leaf, they got to Clover way and the Artwork call Weavers Lodge.

After a brief chat with the editor, she was off on the road to find the next clue. A great way to pass any Sunday morning.

If you were one of the listeners who helped, well done!