Charwood WIgs

Well ladies, what a busy month it’s been now that spring has sprung, the sun is shining and all the trees and blossom are coming out at our venue at Beedles Lake which never looked lovelier!

Our Demonstrator of the month was Ian Heircock, Master Pie Maker at Walkers Pies. Ian was a very entertaining and confident speaker who gave us a full resume of the history of Walkers Pork pies.

Ian explained that he was as passionate today about making pork pies as he was 35 years ago when he was an apprentice. Beginning with how they were handmade using a wooden dolly to mould the pie, explaining that hot pastry had to be used to be able to manipulate the pie. At Christmas time he and his colleague were making two pies a minute. That the meat must always be grey and not pink…and how it grew into a multi-million pound enterprise… and now they are very popular as wedding cakes. He made us laugh with his little anecdotes, one of which was;

“An elderly lady went on the bus into Leicester to fetch her husband’s Christmas pork pie. On the way home the bus lurched forward; to her horror the old lady dropped the pie and it bounced out of the bus doors down the hill. The bus driver stopped the bus. The lady retrieved her pie; she got back on the bus. The bus driver continued his journey, and it was safely delivered to her husband who ate his Christmas pork pie none the wiser” Ian ended his demonstration by distributing pies amongst the WIg’s which were thoroughly enjoyed by all.

After which the members partook in refreshments and perused the usual fundraising stands of magazines,

Bric-a-brac and classified ads.

A Group Spring Supper was held at Barkby Village Hall hosted by Cossington WI which was attended by several of the WIg’s. We had a superb meal served by Cossington WI members. Group Secretary Sue Kirk announced her retirement and I am sure she will be a hard act to follow. It was a very enjoyable evening seeing the different WI’s socialising together. The speaker was Julie from Glenfield Hospital who gave an informative talk about Breast Screening.

The 31st of March saw our first skittles match of the season. A successful night was enjoyed playing Queniborough WI at the Horse and Groom, including a well earned supper!

President Sharon Allan. Tel: 0784 988 8752 ended the night with a thank you to Ian and information on forthcoming events.

The April meeting will be The WI Resolution after which there will be a social. The Resolution this year is about Organ Donation. We hope to discuss more about this subject next month. It is a national issue.

The Speaker for May will be Motor Cycle Funerals with Rev. Paul Sinclair.

Heaven and Hell’s Angels!

We look forward to seeing you all at Beedles Lake last Thursday in the month!