Declan’s Diary

The afternoon I wrote Declan’s diary in February, Declan was taken into hospital as his chest became worse. He ended up having to stay in hospital for two weeks, but thankfully during this time the infection remained under control and there was no need for breathing support.

Whilst in hospital I looked into a meet and greet with Dynamo the magician, as meeting him is on Declan’s wish list. Thankfully my email entered the right persons inbox and arrangements were made to make this wish come true.

On Monday 7th April we headed down to Wembley to meet the illusionist, along with nine other families who have children with life limiting conditions. It was a fantastic day, and Dynamo was so inspiring with his stories of why he got into magic. We’re now looking into a magic club for less able teenagers, all thanks to Dynamo. As for me, the only magic I learnt was how quickly money disappears in London!