From a Spring Garden

Flower Arranging by Gayle Shell

Spring seems to have arrived early this year, and it was a pleasure to walk around my small plot and see what was in flower. Most of the blooms were on a small scale and had short stems, so this idea (using a grid constructed from plant material) seemed a good way of displaying delicate flowers.

The grid was constructed from bare branches gathered on a country walk. Many of them are covered in Lichen, a sight rarely seen in this county until recently. I noted last weekend that the branches of the Plane trees in New Walk in Leicester are even covered with bright green Lichen. This is an indication of how clean our air is now.
Until I saw Lichen on shrubs and trees at Cossington Meadows, when it opened, I had only ever really seen it in the South West.

The grid was made to fit one of my shallow containers and was constructed using florist grey wire to hold it together. When I was happy with the shape I added little feet to hold it above the container. I did not attempt to make it symmetrical or
perfectly constructed. We can buy such things in the shops. I wanted this to be individual and a “one off’.

I added small bunches of the flowers, making sure their stems were touching the water in the container and wired them to the grid for support.

No additional leaves were used so that the delicate flowers could be seen. From the garden were Grape Hyacinths, double pink daisy (Bellis) Flowering Currant, small Pansies ,Hellebores (yellow and black) Tete-a-tete daffodils and the larger scale flower of the Camellia. I added a single stem of Hyacinth for scent.

This is not a long lasting design but it brought Spring into the house for a few days. Placed onto a low table all the blooms could be seen with the water as a background
below them.