Dear Editor

Just to update you and the readership about Syston Town Council’s position with regard to The Millstone Lane proposal. I attended the Development Committee meeting held on the 1st April, chaired by Cllr Dolan.

The first substantial item on the agenda was a presentation by Bellway Homes who are considering a housing development in the green wedge between Thurmaston and Syston. The presenter was met with polite opposition, not unexpectedly. Cllrs Dolan, Vardy, Jones and K. Pacey voiced their concerns about eroding the green wedge between the two settlements. Cllr Dolan said that she would be interested to know what the feelings of Thurmaston are. Cllr Dolan stated that she takes her hat off to councillors, who through the ages have fought to keep Syston’s identity. So far so good!

Item 8 on the agenda was the Millstone Lane Development. Cllr K. Pacey asked for this to be on the agenda as Cllr Hampson had asked him to represent the Town at the Borough Planning meeting. He was seeking the views of the committee. Cllr Lillie queried why the Council was supporting the development despite the public opinion to the contrary. This caused Cllr Dolan to give one of her lectures, basically saying that she is supporting the proposal in order to get a cemetery, and also to reflect her support for the ‘silent majority’, which apparently wants the development to go ahead! (I have to confess that I don’t understand her apparent knowledge of what the silent majority wants!!) She went further to state that she would be happy to meet with any?Queniborough Councillor with a lead on planning matters to discuss her views. Cllr Vardy, after referring to Cllr Dolan’s ‘long speech’?also stated that he wants the development to proceed.

So there you have it. It’s clear to me that it’s terrible to?erode the green wedge between Thurmaston and Syston, but not a big deal to erode the one between Syston and Queniborough.

Double Standards indeed!

Kind regards
H. Midgley


Dear Editor

Re-Irresponsible Parking

We went to the councillor surgery on Saturday 5th April and left a letter for Cllr S. Hampson. This is a copy of that letter.

I am writing again on behalf of the residents of Miller Close who 18 months ago contacted you, the police and British Rail about car parking in our road by station users so they do not have to pay car park fees.

From the previous reply it seems there has to be an accident before anything would be considered! What about all the near misses that go unreported.

Parking in Millers Close is no better and we, the residents, are fed up with inconsiderate and abusive drivers.

Could we make a suggestion that from opposite No.2 to No.12 a time restriction for parking is put up, then at least cars would not be left all day or in some cases two/three days. We know money is in short supply but surely this would bring money to the council for parking fines and money to British Rail as people would have to use the car park at the station.

With all the new houses being built, this problem needs sorting.

Councillors, please remember you will be wanting our votes in May.

There were four residents from Millers Close who spoke to Cllr K Pacey about the problem. He suggested subject to permission and approval a residents permit, if there are sufficient names on a petition for him to pursue if further.

To the people of Syston who are fed up with parking problems around your roads, do something about it – do not just moan when you can not get parked in your road or into your house.

Millers Close Residents


Age Concern Syston and District

Dear Knitters of Syston and District.

Information in last months Stn’sarticle provided by Age/UK Leicester/shire and Rutland was misleading.

Yes please knit bobble hats for Innocent Bottles of Fruit Smoothies, but Do Not Send Them to Age/UK
Leicester Shire and Rutland.

Please bring them to Age Concern Syston and District at the Methodist Church Hall High Street Syston or ring 0116 260 1476, between 9.00am till 12.30pm and we will arrange for them to be picked up.

By giving them to Age Concern Syston monies raised will go directly to the people of Syston, giving them to Age/UK the local people will not see any benefit.

We have knitting patterns and wool for anyone wishing to help us raise monies for the elderly people of Syston and District.

Many Thanks

Jennie Angell

Office Co-ordinator



Dear Editor

There are notices in the park asking for people to clean up after their dogs. The importance of whether or not to pick up after your dog should be an easy decision to make. Yet many people seem to be convinced that it is not worth their time.

Many of the parasites and other ailments that your puppy can get are transmitted from dog’s mess. Unfortunately for us, they can also be transferable to humans.

Toxicariasis is an illness of humans caused by the larvae of roundworms found in Dog’s mess, and is dangerous because it contains bacteria and other parasites that you, your children and your dog, can catch.

Other things found are Tapeworms, Whipworms, Giardiasis – which causes diarrheal infection of the small intestine, E-Coli – A parasite which causes food poisoning in humans and is also found in faecal matter.

Hopefully, after reading these facts the offenders will realise the error of their ways and see that it is not only selfish but something that affects them, their children, their dogs and their community.

Mrs A Gale.