New Barkby WI

Mrs B Saunders, President, welcomed members to New Barkby WI’s April meeting.

Speaker was Mrs Judy Marshall, who spoke on and demonstrated the art of making traditional corn dollies. These are seen as good luck symbols. When corn was cut down, it was thought that there was spirit in the last piece of corn, and that there was fertility in the crops. From a corn idol, the name changed to doll, and then to dolly.

Nowadays, corn dollies are mostly made for decorative purposes. Mrs Marshall mad a mouse out of some corn, complete with a long tail. The members were given four lengths of corn which had been soaked to make them pliable, then tied at the top where the ears of corn were. The four lengths were then plaited top to bottom and left to right. When all the lengths had been used up, the finished plait was shaped into a circle and finished off with a ribbon. There was a whole display of corn dollies, from heart-shaped to a tiny mouse, from a lantern to a horn-of-plenty. Everyone enjoyed the fun and the demonstration, and the question and answer session that followed.

The vote of thanks was given by Mrs M Gamble, who also won the competition for the letter ‘N’ with a photograph of herself as a Nonagenarian.

Raffle prize was won by Mrs S Franklin.

Tea Hostesses were Mrs J Hawes and Mrs L Linney.

Next meeting at Syston community centre. Wednesday, May 7th at 7.30pm.

Visitors are always welcome to attend.