Syston Town News report on the Full Town Council meeting, Tuesday 25th March 2014

The were 17 town councillors present and one County Councillor.

Public Adjournment None were raised.

This was read by Cllr S. HampsonApologies Two apologies were received from Cllrs Dolan and Asmal.Declaration of Interests Cllr M. Carnall declared an interest in item relating to the Astro turf pitch at Wreake Valley Academy.

Minutes of Full Council and Committee Meetings All agreed with one amendment.

Chairman’s Announcements
Leicestershire County Council Highways refused planning application for Millstone Lane. They said an island should by placed at the junction of Millstone Lane & other proposed development or two have two separate entrances.

No Members Questions were received.

Police Report No police present.

Use of Sports Pavilion as Youth Cafe
There was a lot of discussion around this item. Councillors were concerned that the IMPACT team were no longer interested in running the cafe and appeared to be expecting the council to take this aspect over, which was a change to the original request. The Syston Town Council had been originally asked for a venue only and due to the objections from residents and other agencies a suitable venue as yet hasn’t been found. Another concern is that the grant money time is due to lapse. The Councillors agreed that there is a need for a youth cafe, but currently no acceptable venue has been found. It was agreed to go back to the IMPACT team and apologise that the council can’t help at this time. Also to ask them to continue to look for a suitable venue.

Astro Turf Sports Pitch at Wreake Valley Academy
A representative from WVA sent an email apologies and after discussion it was agreed to write to the academy and express the councils disappointment that no one turned up, but that they would welcome someone to a future meeting to discuss in more detail.

Membership of Committees
This was to check everyone is on the correct committee. Any changes were to be sent to the Acting Town Manager.

Bowling Club Issues
A note was circulated to councillors updating them on this item. There was a lot of discussion as to the planning permission given to the bowls club for the ramp between the club house and the bowling green. A trail had been explored by Cllr N. Gee and his conclusion was that the ramp had been built unlawfully. After further discussion a proposal to lock the gates until the matter was resolved was agreed, although with concerns from some councillors.The chairman of the bowling club was allowed to respond to concerns raised about the ramp. He explained that the club has full liability insurance and that Charnwood Borough Council approved the ramp with Leicester County Council highways actually installing the ramp. It was then agreed to refer it back to the Acting Town Manager and Development and General Purposes Committee and invited the bowling club representatives to meet with the Acting Town Manager before that meeting and provide insurance documentation. This was passed by a majority vote that the gates would be locked until the meeting.

Recommendations of CBC Member Conduct Panel of 3rd March 2014
The three new councillors agreed to the required training.

Borough Councillors Reports
Cllr K. Pacey reported on the licensing meetings and member training available relating to child abuse.Cllr E. Vardy spoke about a local action plan to tackle climate change. He summarised the plan and stated it was made up of three main themes, Raising awareness, Reducing impact on Climate change and Resilience. He also referred to the inspector’s review of the Core Strategy and said that Charnwood Borough Council was awaiting his report due out in the next two/ three weeks.Cllr T. Barkley reported on the multi pound deal ‘funding for skills’ for 16-24year olds by 2018. Creating 20 new apprenticeships. He reported that the new website for Charnwood Borough Council had been launched and he found it easier to use, so hoped others would too. He also referred to fly tipping still being a problem although two residents fined over £2,000, article printed in last issue of stn.

County Councillors Reports
Cllr D Houseman  reported on the cabinet meeting due to take place the following week and the impact the budget will have on the council making more constraints on CC services. Don’t know how the change on pensions will affect Adult services as currently £30m from contributions. NI contributions are linked to pensions but unkown but will increase costs to CC.He then reported that the Syston Melton Road Railway Bridge is due to be reconstructed as part of the Network Rail  Midland Mainline Electrification Programme. As part of this work there will be a requirement to close the road for a period.
The reconstruction works will probably not take place until 2015/2016. Leicestershire County Council  has not agreed the design for the bridge yet or the construction method or the timing of the works. All these three areas will be subject to detail discussions. Leicestershire County Council  officers will be ensuring that the agreed design, construction method and timing of the work will be planned to minimise the disruption to the travelling public and local residents and businesses. He finished by saying when he has further details on the timing and nature of the works he would provide Councillors with an update. He raised his concerns about this issue and the impact the bridge reconstruction will have on the town.

There was a request for the Acting Town Manager to write again to the Highways department to ask for the white and yellow lines in Syston to be renewed as they are now in a dangerous state of disrepair.
The final item on the agenda was confidential minutes, so the public and press were asked to leave.