Declan’s Diary

Declan has had a fantastic month, it was my brothers birthday and we had the whole family over for a weekend. We took the opportunity to all go to the disabled ice skating session in Nottingham. We had an amazing time. My mums cheeks were hurting as she sat on the side watching her two daughters, two sons, daughters-in-law and two grandsons slide around on the ice, although it was more like idiots-on-ice than dancing-on-ice!

After nearly three years of fighting we have finally won the battle for Declan to have a downstairs bedroom. I’m shocked that it ended up without solicitors getting involved to fight for Declan’s human rights, but thankfully we now have a fantastic group of people working hard to get the earliest brick laid. It just shows if you really believe in something you can make it happen. I’m lucky that it’s just myself and Declan, and that I have the time and knowledge to fight for his rights, a lot of other parents also have other children plus a partner to look after, and simply don’t have the time to look further into what professionals are telling them. I hope our story helps other families not to give up. There’s a common misconception that when you have a disabled children everything is handed to you on a plate. This couldn’t be further from the truth, there is a lot of frustration and exhaustion behind our smiles.

Keep smiling.

Alex Spencer