STN Report on SFC Tuesday 22nd April

There were 15 councillors, two members of the public including PCSO Mohamed Musa.

Public Adjournment
A member of the public thanked to Cllr N Gee for his efforts to establish the legality of the recently built ramp at the Bowls Club.

Apologies were received from Cllr M Carnall, Cllr T Barkley, Cllr N Patel, Cllr P Henry, and Cllr D Houseman (County Councillor).

Declarations of Interest

None given.

Minutes of Full Council and Committees Meetings

All agreed with some amendments.

Chairman’s Announcements and Communications

None given.

Police Report

PCSO Mohamed Musa gave the report to councillors explaining that there had been three burglaries of dwellings. The majority of these burglaries have been through insecure front doors. Neighbourhood Watch had been made aware. One person has been charged and sent to court.
There had been one burglary of other than in a dwelling. Again this occurred via insecure premises. Neighbourhood Watch had been made aware.
One report received of damage in public places. This happened in a public place where a CCTV camera was smashed, two youths identified, one interviewed and sent to court and the second one paid for the damage. There were three reports of theft from retail premises, the majority of these thefts are alcohol.
There was one report of theft of motor vehicle, this related to the theft of transit van, keys had been left on the front seat. Finally, four reports of theft from motor vehicles were received, two vehicles had been left insecure and valuables stolen. All parties have been advised.

PCSO Musa reported that in March a Cycle Event was held at Tesco, Syston. Many push bikes were cycle coded which helps when we get reports of Cycle thefts.

He announced that there would be another cycle event would be held on Saturday 3rd May at the Co-op. The Police will be selling the locks for £6 compared to £30 at Halfords. PSCO Jo Freeman is starting a web chat and any questions from the public can be answered over the internet.

Cllr K Pacey queried where the smashed CCTV was situated and Cllr E Vardy asked for an update in the next Police report on the neighbourhood watch.

Revised Planning Application; Millstone Lane.

The Acting Town Manager circulated various maps and reports relating to the revised planning application for Millstone Lane as Charnwood Borough Council required comments by 24th April and the next Development Meeting was not until 6th May.

Following a lengthy discussion there were concerns about who would be responsible for the maintenance of the projected road. A letter had been drafted to Queniborough Council Chairman offering their residents the same opportunities for all forms of burials as Syston. Some members objected to the wording ‘Syston District Cemetery’ and wanted more discussions on this. Cllr E Vardy raised the importance of making sure that the project was done legally.

Cllr K Pacey proposed and it was agreed unanimously to support this application and to amend the letter to Queniborough Council Chairman by removing the reference to ‘Syston District Cemetery’. The letter to be circulated at the next Development Committee. Cllr E Vardy asked for the letter to be headed ‘Without Prejudice’. The Chairman asked for a natural burial ground to be mentioned.

Archdale Street Park Proposals

The Acting Town Manager circulated a brief report and correspondence from Julie Robinson of Charnwood Borough Council.

The situation was that Charnwood Borough Council were prepared to give a contribution of £50,000 in S106 monies towards the development of Archdale Street play area if Syston Town Council contributed £5,031, over and above the £3,219 already spent on consultancy work. This would represent a 15% contribution of the whole project from Syston Town Council. This amount had not been precepted for but was available from the General Reserve.

It was proposed by Cllr S Hampson and agreed unanimously that Syston Town Council would contribute £5,031 towards Archdale Street playground on the assumption that Charnwood Borough Council contribute £50,000 which equated to 85% of the total cost.

County/Borough Councillor’s Reports

Cllr E Vardy reported on the Core Strategy stating that there was a public examination which started three weeks ago over a period of two days. The inspector was happy with the co-operation from the Borough. The second part concerned the number of houses and the enquiry had been suspended for nine months. He recognised that we had a duty to work more with other districts. This has been the trend with most of the Borough Councils and was nothing unusual.

Cllr K Pacey reported that there had been very little activity. There had been a report sent out from the parking committee which was a very important document and need completing. It showed the parking problems, parking spaces and how they affect local industry in Syston. Syston was the second largest town in Charnwood and all the parking issues need to be known. The deadline to complete this report was June and he requested this matter be put onto the agenda for the next Development Meeting.

Cllr S Hampson said it had also been very quiet and he had been keenly observing the local planning applications. Cllr Hampson is now in charge of Culture and Leisure at County Council. Two traffic islands had been proposed for the Melton Road/High Street junction but Cllr Hampson had objected to these together with speed humps towards Queniborough. Leicestershire County Council to come back with alternative proposals.

It was proposed by Cllr S Hampson and agreed to suspend standing orders in order for Cllr S Gerrard to report on the adult play equipment.

Photographs were circulated on suggested places to site the equipment and the favourite place appeared to be Central Park. Cllr K Pacey said that the Committee asked for a proper report with costs, location and background information. It was proposed by Cllr K Pacey and agreed to ask the Acting Town Manager to compile a report and take to the next Amenities committee for discussion. Cllr N Gee asked for a separate costing of fencing.

The final item on the agenda was moved into confidetial, so the public and press were asked to leave.