Horoscopes July 2014

Aries (20 March – 19 April):

With a busy and productive working phase this month, you’ll be surprised when you find yourself enjoying the social side, with networking and out-of-hours meet-ups with colleagues! Home is another place where you’ll be entertaining and a new friend makes all the different to future hopes and plans. A work problem finally gets sorted.

Taurus (20 April – 20 May):

At a loose end at times, you’ll be surprised how busy others are! You might prefer to keep recent financial success ‘a secret’ whilst others are working hard just to make ends meet. This is the tactful thing to do although you won’t be able to hide the fact that you’ll be having a few holidays, adventures and basically lots and lots of fun.

Gemini (21 May – 20 June):

Without having to think too hard, enjoying life comes much easier than usual. It will be a relief when you finally ‘get to have your own way’, especially where your emotions are concerned! So this is rather a good month, in your opinion, especially when your finances go from strength to strength. Indeed, a new job is possible.

Cancer (21 June – 21 July):

With the Sun in your sign this month, life couldn’t be better! It’s certainly ‘lots of fun’ and you’ll be most pleased with business adventures which will include a few trips here and there. Happily, despite ‘heady distractions’, you take advantage of a new financial source. You make a decision about a relationship, which is sensible.

Leo (22 July – 22 August):

You get the chance to make some rather favourable changes, which involve ‘getting out and about’ a little more and having regular changes of scene. This, in turn, encourages you to make some super new plans which involve a ‘lighter and brighter’ future. You’ll work hard around the home, having little time left for socialising.

Virgo (23 August – 22 September):

A new plan hatches and one that seems rather delicious, to say the least! Others are drawn to you like ‘bees around a honey pot’ although this involves spending some precious hard-earned cash! Nevertheless, it’ll be worth it ‘at the end of the day’. You may have to do battle with certain folk at work, who are just in a feisty frame of mind.

Libra (23 September – 22 October):

You usually try to keep the peace but, this month, you’ll be called upon to push your ideas forward and to initiate some kind of practical action that will enable you to stabilise your finances. All your hard work, on the home front, pays off, when you finally find time to catch up with a special new friend. Cash is a worry; but relax!

Scorpio (23 October – 21 November):

Life is tough at times but only because you decide to take on some kind of confrontation and ‘do battle’! This is also rather ‘tongue in cheek’ being as your heart isn’t really in it. As tears turn to laughter, just watch your whole life totally transform as powerful and domineering people seem to turn their back and wander off! Hurrah!

Sagittarius (22 November – 20 December):

Although it’s a matter of ‘back to the drawing board’ when it comes to your finances, at least you’ve wiped the slate clean and can start afresh! This gives you a ‘fighting chance’ to improve your lot. If only you could stop worrying about it all!? Try to find time for rest and relaxation this week; loving friends and partners will help.

Capricorn (21 December – 19 January):

This is an interesting time, as plans ‘come together’ and just for once, you may feel a little stumped as regards a new direction. This is so ‘unlike you’ and you hardly recognise yourself, especially when you find yourself throwing caution to the wind and enjoying social invites and events, as if there was ‘no tomorrow’. Why not?

Aquarius (20 January – 17 February):

A new partner, in love or in business, comes to your rescue, in more ways than one! You’re so grateful and appreciative of their help and kindness. This also cheers you up and puts a spring into your step. And something that you’ve been worried about for quite some time seems to resolve, and dissolve itself, before your very eyes.

Pisces (18 February – 19 March):

You won’t worry when difficult and bossy folk seem to disappear out of your life; ‘Good riddance’ I can hear you say! You really do have some new considerations to ponder and which will take up most of your time, such as a new job and one that proves to be most sociable and enjoyable. Hurrah; seems you’ve finally cracked it!