Dear Editor

I recently attended the AGM and Annual Town Council meeting on the 27th May. On the agenda was a presentation on behalf of Syston in Bloom. Their themes this year are 50 years of Britain in Bloom and more importantly remembering the beginning of the First World War.

I was astounded that Syston Town Council has voted to ignore this most important date (March 2014 Amenities meeting). I cannot believe they chose to do this when this war affected every family in Syston and in fact the Country. I cannot work out what their rationale is for such a decision as there was no major financial outlay.

I have not found any Council that has taken the same stance as Syston Town Council, in fact it is just the opposite through Charnwood. Loughborough, as our Borough Councillors know, are going to honour this occasion in style as are the neighbouring villages.

I did hope that the presentation in May would stir the conscience of the Town Council and they would reconsider their decision. As of yet I have seen no evidence of that. However, I hope that the Council will be sympathetic to any showing in Syston of remembrance of the First World War.

There is still time!!!

J. Midgley, Syston.

Dear Editor

Can anyone in the Thurmaston and Syston area who had any dealings with a firm called WILLS AT HOME please [email protected]
The flyers advertising this business were being distributed on Melton Road in Syston.

Thank you.