Roundhill Flower Club

May Meeting

Our Demostrator for this month was an old friend. Val Duke has visited the Club many times, and we have always enjoyed her arrangements and stories. This time Val gave us “Travels with Val” and we visited the many destinations in the world where she has lived. To depict her time spent in Africa she used exotic flowers and foliage to accompany a carved

wooden mask. To celebrate Carnival in South America Val used brightly contrasting colours, and at the end of the evening I was delighted to win a foliage design depicting the rain forests of Brazil. Included in this arrangement were stems of foliage from Vals conservatory which I used as cuttings to propagate. l hope they are successful so that I shall have a pleasing reminder of a most enjoyable evening. To increase my pleasure
the design also contained green Orchids and a bunch of miniature Bananas!
Gayle Shell