STN Council Reports

Annual Town Meeting

There were 18 Councillors and nine members of the public were present. Cllr. Dave Houseman sent apologies. The minutes from last years meeting were approved.

There were no Chairman’s Announcements.

Annual Reportswere given by the chair of the three committees, beginning with the Development committee chair Cllr C. Dolan, who began by stating that she took over in the Autumn when Cllr S. Bradshaw resigned from the council, but said she had sat on the committee all year. She began by referring to the 4.500 homes proposed and said it was an issue that continues to prevail, but one that cannot be prevented from going ahead! The strategy adopted is to try and make sure that any development when it starts does not impact greatly on Syston. The other main point was the cemetery, there were problems in getting permission to develop The Ridgemere, has now been given land within the development of 150 homes on Millstone Lane, which they support to enable future burial space for residents. Another planning application had emerged for developing land opposite Clover Way, Barkby Rd, which they were opposing. This she felt was a realistic position to take due to not being able to block planning backed by National Government.

AmenitiesChair Cllr N. Gee thanked his vice chair and members for their support in his first year as chair and has tried to provide open and transparent meetings giving everyone the opportunity to speak. He supported Cllr C. Dolan re-the cemetery. He also thanked Councillors who supported the search for a youth cafe, a lot of hard work went into this. He thanked Cllr K. Pacey for gaining funding. He lighted the fact that members of the public disagreed with the location and so it hasn’t gone ahead. He hoped a venue could be sourced to enable a cafe to be set up and so reduce ASB.
The Pavillion had been partially refurbished, but stalled due to the leaving of the council’s handy man. He went on the thank Cllr M. Carnal for the work done on Archdale street. He thanked Cllr P. Henry and the events panel for the Christmas Event, which he had unfortunately missed due to family commitments but had received excellent feedback.

He finished by thanking the Chairman, staff, Syston in Bloom and members of the public who turn up to meetings.
Resourceschair Cllr T. Barkley thanked his vice chair Cllr N. Gee and members. He was pleased to say the budget had been maintained for the year 2014. He noted all the good work done by the council staff and Councillors to use the public’s money well. He thanked The acting town manager Ian, Office manager Ursula and Kay for helping to make such a good year. He said looking to the next year they hoped to reduce the budget by 1%. He emphasised that their role was to work together to provide services to the residents of Syston and re-emphasised the robust financial state and continues to work for the people of Syston

The Chairman’s Report
Cllr S. Hampson began by thanking the councillors for their support and help during the past year. He then thanked Ian Macdonald and apologised for interrupting his retirement when he returned to cover for Mr Clarke who took ill. He hoped he would soon be able to put his feet up again as the ambition of the council was to recruit a new full time Town manager. He then praised the up-keep of the Parks in Syston which are a credit to the town and he thanked all the estates staff and particularly Dave Smith who is preparing for retirement and who has tended the flowers and shrubs for more than 25 years. He also acknowledged the Britain in Bloom Silver award the town has achieved in the Small Town Category. The play areas around the town were mentioned and the refurbishment of Archdale Street should be completed within the next year. Along with the introduction of Adult exercise equipment in Central Park. He then moved on to speak about the Cemetery and he hoped that it would go ahead, although he agreed it was unfortunate that it was at the loss of grazing land in Queniborough adjacent to Millstone Lane. He concluded by thanking various Cllrs for events and work reviewed in the committees chairs reports and all the administration staff for their support. Finally, he recalled a day 15 years ago when as a new councillor in the Old Community Centre, Cllr J. Littlefield, in the audience on the night, reminded him that the council had two priorities to fill – a new community centre and a cemetery. The community centre had been achieved and he hoped the cemetery would be in the near future.

Syston in Bloom
The Syston in Bloom group gave a presentation supported by powerpoint slides to explain and show the council and members of the public present what they do and the community groups they work with to get Syston ready for the East Midlands in Bloom judging, which this year takes place on 10th July. See Front Page for more details.

No matters were raised by members of the public, so ended the Annual Town meeting.

Syston Town Council Full
Council Meeting

The meeting began with the election of The Chairman. Two Councillors nominated: Cllr S. Hampson and Cllr K. Pacey ballot vote used and Cllr S. Hampson duly elected. At which point he thanked the Councillors and said that this would be his last year because he was going to stand in the Borough Election next year and would not wish to continues in the role as Chairman.

The Reflection was read by Cllr S. Hampson.

One Apology received. Cllr. S. Hampson said that there was one vacancy as councillor if anyone wished to be co-opted to contact the town office.

No Declarations of interest were given.

Election of Vice Chair
Cllr S. Gerard was re-elected.

Appoint/Re-affirm membership of committees
It was agreed to accept existing members on committees, if anyone wanted to change they were to let the acting Town Manager know. Cllr E. Vardy said he would be standing down from the Development Committee.

The accounting statement was signed off. All minutes were agreed.

Police Report
There were no police were present, their report had been circulated to councillors. One question raised about suspicious individual seen trying doors in the early hours would be passed onto the police.

There were no Chairman’s Announcements, Communications
or Members questions.