August Letters

Dear Editor

I attended the AGM and Annual Town Council meeting on the 27th May. On the agenda was a presentation on behalf of Syston in Bloom. Their themes this year are 50 years of Britain in Bloom and more importantly remembering the beginning of the First World War.
I was astounded that Syston Town Council has voted to ignore this most important date, March 2014 Amenities meeting. I cannot believe they chose to do this when this war affected every family in Syston and in fact the Country. I cannot work out what their rationale is for such a decision as there was no major financial outlay.
I have not found any Council that has taken the same stance as Syston Town Council, in fact it is just the opposite throughout Charnwood. Loughborough, as our Borough Councillors know, are going to honour this occasion in style as are the neighbouring villages.
I did hope that the presentation in May would stir the conscience of the Town Council and they would reconsider their decision. As of yet I have seen no evidence of that. However, I hope that the Council will be sympathetic to any showing in Syston of remembrance of the First World War.
There is still time!!!

J. Midgley, Syston.

Dear Editor

I was recently on Central Park, with my granddaughter and was appalled at the amount of discarded fast food wrappers that littered the children’s play area, even though there was a perfectly visible litter bin by the gate.
We then went to look at the ducks -Can the people of Syston not read! despite the number of notices asking people to refrain from feeding them, the brook was full of soggy bread, and a woman and child were still adding more in the misguided belief that the ducks were starving.
Such a shame when the Syston in Bloom committee are doing all they can to improve the look of Syston.

A concerned member of the public.

Dear Editor

I am writing to ask the local residents of Syston if they realised that the street lighting has been substantially cut back between the hours of midnight and 5.00am, leaving some streets in total darkness, we have a total of nine lights in the area where I live, of which only one is now on, rather a large percentage off I feel.
Whilst understanding the need to make cut back lets apply some common sense and think about the health and safety of residents, together with the emergency services/care assistants and shift workers who are out and about during this period.
I have emailed the council department concerned at [email protected] maybe if a few more of you could we can get a re-assessment of the situation and some of the lights turned back on.


S Russell