Barkby and Beeby WI Report for June & July

In June we were given an interesting talk by Chris Hill of the Leicestershire and Rutland Wildlife Trust about Cossington Meadows Nature Reserve. Chris showed slides and explained how the reserve was formed after the extraction of sand and gravel from the site and how the lakes and reed beds came about. With the hard work of trust members and many volunteers, the site was transformed with parts fenced off, reed beds planted and lakes and ponds formed. They bought in cattle and Exmoor ponies to graze parts of the meadow and even made places for the snakes to go in the winter using pipes which run under ground. Thanks to all their hard work the meadows are now a haven to many species of plants and animals.
In July we met Chris at the Meadows and he took us around one of the walks, pointing out different insects and birds such as the herons, swans and white egrets out on the lake. It was a lovely warm, sunny evening and we all enjoyed a pleasant stroll along the footpaths. If you haven’t visited the Cossington Meadows it is to be recommended, you can enjoy a peaceful walk and if you keep your eyes open for the flora and fauna that are all around, there is much to see. After the walk most of the ladies met at a local pub for a welcome supper and a chat to round off an enjoyable evening.
Our meetings take place on the 3rd Tuesday of the month at 7.30pm in Barkby Village Hall, if you would like to join us please come along you will be most welcome.