Syston Town Council News

There were 13 Town Councillors and four members of the public present.
Public adjournment
There were questions from the members of public present.
The reflection was read by Cllr S. Hampson
Five Councillors sent apologies.
There were no declarations of interest given.
County and Borough Councillors Reports
Cllr E. Vardy reported that he and Cllr T. Barkley had called for a review by Charnwood Borough Council Planning Committee in relation to a planning application for a house in multiple occupation at Fosse way, Syston. The owners made an appeal which was not upheld. But a further appeal was made on the basis that they had been trading for 10 years. This resulted in the enforcement notice being withdrawn due to government legislation. Both councillors felt let done by the legislation as they had worked hard to prevent the application.
Cllr. K. Pacey reported that he had attended several parking panel meetings. He said that the feedback from a recent survey, which Syston Town Council had responded to, had been very successful and that Charnwood Borough Council were continuing to work on the survey and the issues arising from it. A new Licensing manager had been appointed, Mr. Jason Ager, who has a background in licensing. Cllr. Pacey had also attended a technical briefing on housing issues which he though very helpful.
Cllr D. Houseman commented on Cllr E. Vardy’s report saying that councillors often spent a lot of time working to help on issues which do not result in a positive outcome, and that a lot of work happens out of sight of the public. He then went on to outline the Leicestershire County Council fault reporting system, feedback was now provided regarding the action taken to remedy the fault along with a reference number. He gave an example of a bad pothole in Broad St which was reported and resulted in it being filled in the next day. He also stated that a consultation regarding traffic safety issues at teal Way had commenced. He finished by saying, following feedback on the first proposed roundabout scheme at the junction of Barkby Road/Melton Road/HighStreet when it was proposed to include a double roundabout, due to objections a different plan had been drawn up.
Cllr S. Hampson reported that the County Council had issued a strategic plan for the next four years. He said that local government was facing its most difficult funding position since WW2, with a significant reduction in spending needed due to government plans for the national budget reduction. The revenue support grant would fall by 15% in 2014/15 and 25% in 2015/16. A further 25% reduction was anticipated in the following years. £110 million savings needed to be found over the next five years. Considerable savings had been made over the past three years, but Leicestershire County Council was still one of the top performing councils. A reduction in staff levels was imminent. He finished by saying that he had recently helped a family with a housing problem, with it culminating in the family being re-housed.
All Minutes were agreed with a couple of amendments to the Develop & General Purposes and Resources minutes.
There were no Chairman’s Announcements, Communications and Members Questions.
Police Report
No Police were present so their report was circulated to all councillors. See police report on page ??? For details.
Junction Improvement Barkby Rd/Melton Rd/High St
The revised scheme was discussed and it was agreed to refer it back to the next Development and General Purposes committee for further discussion.
New Cemetery at Millstone Lane
A representative from David Wilson Homes had attended the Amenities Committee on 10th June and asked if the Town Council would consider adopting the areas of open space, proposed children’s play area and the road leading to the Cemetery. This was discussed, but no decision made as planning permission as yet not given.
The final item was moved into confidential, so all members of the public, including the press were asked to leave.