Teachers Work in National Gallery

Former pupils at Wreake Valley College (now Academy) will be interested to know that Mr Geoff Beasley, who for many years was an important member of the Art and Design Teaching team at the College, has his work on show at the National Portrait Gallery in London.
Over recent years he has specialised in portrait painting and has often featured his two sons, Eddie and William.
The picture which is on show as part of the B.P. Portrait Award is called ‘Eddie in the Morning’ and shows his son looking very dishevelled.
The National Portrait Gallery exhibition showcases the most outstanding and innovative new portraits from around the world. The Gallery is adjacent to Trafalgar Square and the exhibition is open until 21st September.
We here at the stn on behalf of ex-pupils and students of Mr Beasley send our congratulations for having his artwork on display in such a prestigious Gallery.