The Leicestershire Speakers

Toads, a tin bath and geraniums all came together in Heather Mawbey’s entertaining speech. When an army of toads invaded a garden where friends were socialising they were rounded up, (the toads, not the friends) placed in an old tin bath and transported by car to nearby fields.
Friends and neighbours carried the bath into a field where they were eventually released. One of the neighbours then painted the tin bath green and used it as an eye catching planter for geraniums. Let’s hope the toads don’t return!
Bev Capewell, one of our newer members, spoke about her time working as a prison officer. She gave us a real insight into life inside Glen Parva’s Young Offenders Establishment.
At Leicestershire Speakers we concentrate on all aspects of how to deliver a speech successfully. The content of a speech is not analysed in any depth. So when Mark and Rosie Glover read excerpts from four historic speeches and asked us to discuss the impact or otherwise on the then listeners, it was a challenge. A challenge that all our members rose to and generated some very lively ‘discussions’.
Our Topics developed into a light hearted and amusing session.
Anne Jones gave everyone a different ‘emergency’ situation and asked them to explain how they would deal with it.
These situations ranged from being confronted by a bank robber, seeing three rider less horses galloping towards you as you drove down a dark country lane, a chip pan fire and a nose bleed. After our President, Neil Barker, demonstrated how he would deal with someone choking, we were all relieved that his chosen career was not in the NHS. Hiten Vyas was awarded ‘Star of the Month’ for his highly imaginative way of dealing with a streaker at a cricket match.
The Leicestershire Speakers welcome anyone who would like to learn the art of speaking in public. Our meetings are supportive, informative and entertaining. We offer enthusiasm and encouragement to help turn nervous wrecks into confident speakers. We meet at 7.30pm on the second Wednesday of each month at the Blaby Drop In Centre. For more information ring Anne Jones on 0116 277 2295. We can also provide entertainment and talks to other societies and groups.