Barkby and Beeby W.I.

This month we were entertained by Mal Trott who told us about his life with puppets.  He started by giving us a potted history of how he first got interested in puppets as a child and how he came back to them later in life, when he retired.  Having searched through boxes in the loft to retrieve many that he had collected and restoring them, he started to perform little shows and then later giving talks to different groups.   He started with jig dolls, moving on to moving toys, puppets made from ordinary kitchen equipment, shadow puppets, table top puppets and rod puppets, some of these were quite unusual.  He then brought out the type of puppets that everyone is familiar with.  The glove puppets, with Punch and Judy and the crocodile and string puppets, including Pinochio, a ballerina and a lady who rode a unicycle!  The talk concluded with a banana stripping to the Stripper and a flea doing somersaults and jumping through a hoop, you had to be there to appreciate this!  On conclusion we were all invited to have a go with the puppets and most of us took up the invitation making this a very enjoyable evening. We meet again on 16th September for the History and Art of Knotting.  All visitors are welcome.