Stn Report on the Full Town Council meeting of 22nd July 2014

There were 15 Councillors and 12 members of the public present.
Cllr S. Gerrard read the reflection.
Apologies were received from five Coucillors including County Cllr D. Houseman.
No Declarations of interest given.
The meeting was then adjourned for matters raised by the public.
Mr H. Midgley addressed the council about a previous decision not to commemorate the outbreak of WW1, he hoped that the council would reconsider and remember those who gave their lives.
Mrs J. Littlefield asked if Councillors could use the microphones so the public could hear what they were saying. She also agreed with what Mr. Midgley said. She then asked the council to be vigilant with regards possible planning of the old ambulance station for development into housing as Syston is congested with traffic now, so anymore house building plans need to take this into account.

Introduction of New Town Manager
The chairman, Cllr S. Hampson explained that he and Cllrs T. Barkley and P. Henry sat as a panel and went through a lot of applications, interviewed a selected few and chose to recruit Cathrine Voyce to the post of Town Manager. Cllr M. Carnal asked how long the Acting Town Manager would remain, he was told until Christmas if required.

Presentation by LCC highways about revised plan for junction at High St/Melton Rd/Barkby Rd.
Two officers from the Highways department presented the revised plan for the junction and explained their reason for attending the full council meeting was to get the councils support and approval to take the plan to public consultation. After a lengthy discussion, it was proposed and agreed to go to public consultation, see article and plan on Front page and page three.

County and Borough Councillors Reports
Cllr E. Vardy reported on an issue about houses of multiple occupancy. Cllr T. Barkley reported on the Wild Card opportunities across Charnwood for young people during the summer. He also talked about the changes being made to the voting system, see page 6 for full details. He reported on a case of fly tipping in Syston where the person was fined £400, and another were a landlord was fined £4000 for not maintaining a rented property.He also explained that the police and Charnwood were working together to alleviate bad parking and the problem can now be reported to CBC.
Cllr K. Pacey referred to an article in the previous evenings Leicester Mercury, and explained that the information was incorrect, telling the council that in Charnwood only one taxi had been checked and not allowed to continue but this was not related to a licence problem.
He then went on to say that the calming cushions on Barkby Road have become detached and are dangerous. Since the meeting these have been removed.
Cllr S. Hampson reported on the events planned by CBC including one on 2nd and 3rd August commemorating WW1, also Loughborough by the Sea and that the market was now full refurbished.
All minutes were agreed and adopted.

Chairman’s Announcements and Communications
A photograph had been circulated showing the damage done to the recently erected commemorative bench in memory of toddler, see article in August issue for full details.
No chairman’s questions received.

Police Report
There were two burglaries of dwellings reported. Both of these in daytime, one used a garden fork to try to force a rear door, but security lighting scared them off. The other was a distraction burglary. Advise public to install security lighting and also advise the elderly to be more cautious on who they let into their home.
There was one burglary of a non dwelling, a garage which was separate from the property with no security light, advise to install security lighting. One vehicle parked in a public place had its tyre slashed, one male was arrested and charged. Two thefts from retail premises were reported, one was theft of meat, the suspect was identified and charged. The other was theft of alcohol, suspect arrested. There was a theft of a motorbike from a front drive and found further down the road, advise installation of security lighting. There were five reports of damage to motor vehicles these included hub caps, number plates, advise fit tamper proof screws. A Sat Nav and two handbags were stolen, all left on display and windows smashed. Advise the public not to leave valuables in vehicles.Jo Freeman then introduced a new PSCO Tom Lloyd. She explained that Beacon Officer Amanda Gent having a career break so PC Tom Harley covering, then updated the council on Neighbourhood Watch groups and said they were increasing now with Empingham Drive and Martin Drive being the most recent ones.
She said that Shop watch was also up and running and that she was trying to get another number plate tamper screw event in September.
Co-option of councillorThree people showed an interest and so a vote was required, after the vote Paul Turner was duly co-opted.

Adult Outdoor Fitness Equipment
This was reviewed at the last Development meeting and agreed on everything except the fencing around it. If it was needed they would need to go back to request more money. There followed a short debate and it was proposed to apply for S106 money’s to cover the equipment and fencing.

WW1 Remembrance
Cllr T. Barkley referred to a previous proposal when it was agreed not to celebrate the start of WW1, but said that they should commemorate the people who served the town during WW1. Cllr H. Screaton suggested a stone with a plaque engraved appropriately. After further discussion it was agreed to complete this as soon as possible.

Village Green Fencing Issues
Some discussion about the temporary fencing around the fair due in September took place, eventually it was decided to contact Billy Bates to ask him to remove the charge to enter the fair rather than ask for the fence to be removed as the reason for it being there is for public safety.

Presentation of Long Service Awards
A long service award was presented to Dave Smith who began working for the Town Council in 1987 and received his 25 years service award. When he started there was very little in the parks and some outdated machinery, over the years things have changed and the machinery updated. Dave Smith Presentation Dave and Phil maintain the Peace Garden which was created as a commemorative area for towns people who have lost their lives in conflict. He went on to explain the updating of play equipment in the parks around the town. Since the early 1990’s the town has been using hanging baskets and now has over 150 around the town, with the help of retailers and local businesses, who sponsor Syston in Bloom, and which enables the Town to enter East Midlands in Bloom Competition each year. Dave said he gets lots of positive comments from the public and that some people travel from Melton Mowbray and Sileby to visit the parks. He said that moving is done when needed not on a routine schedule. The Chairman Cllr S. Hampson presented Dave with his award, as shown in our photograph above.

Appoint management committee for August Recess.
It was agreed that as in previous years the Chairman of the council and committees along with the Vice Chair of the Town Council and committees take on the role.