The Leicestershire Speakers

Viking Windows and Chinese Tea
Ten minutes to prepare a six minute speech on a topic you’ve just pulled out of a hat! That was the challenge of our impromptu evening. A challenge that Margaret Barrett took on with enthusiasm. She told us all about windows. Not the ones in computers but those in our buildings. The idea of letting light into our mud huts came from the Vikings. Even the word ‘windows’ is a Viking word meaning ‘Eyes of the Wind’ A very apt description as originally windows weren’t glazed. That practice was introduced by the Tudors and we’ve been refining it ever since. So maybe triple glazing isn’t the end of the windows’ story.
Wyn Glen also gave us a history lesson about the origins of tea and teapots. Apparently tea was discovered when a leaf drifted into a bowl of water and a Chinese man was brave enough to drink from the bowl. Because he liked the taste he began putting all kinds of different leaves in water and sharing the results with his neighbours. They then found that using boiling water enhanced the taste. To make this process easier the teapot was born and our love affair with tea began. Or did it? Wyn began her tale with ‘Once upon a Time’ This raised the suspicion that she was telling us a fairy story. When asked Wyn didn’t answer, she just remained her inscrutable self.
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