Flower Arranging – Autumn Colour

The Summer colour fades in the garden in late September, but is soon replaced by the rich hues of early Autumn.
The inspiration for this design were the early Chrysanthemums, which I planted in spring and are now flowering, and an old jug which had once been silver plated, but over enthusiastic cleaning has revealed the copper beneath.
The stems of Physocarpus, Rosa Glauca and curving stems of Pheasant Berry (Leycesteria), all in shades of maroon and red, gave me the outline.
Jugs are asymmetrical containers, so my triangle is lop-sided. I have tried to leave the handle visible and to make the plant material look as if it were pouring out of the container.
The buds of the Chrysanthemum filled in the outline, and the fully formed flowers gave strength to the centre. Berries from the Rosa Glauca were also added slightly off centre and two large leaves from the ‘Heuchera Tirasamu’ were added to the front of the design to break the line between the plant material and the container.
I was taught that the back of the design should be as pleasing as the front, so here is a photo of the back of my design filled in with a couple of yellow Hosta leaves and the remaining short heads of Chrysanthemeum.
I am particularly pleased that the light caught the glossy berries giving a contrast of texture with the shaggy flowers and rough textured leaves.
Luckily the metal jug is waterproof, and I filled it to just above the rim with wet foam, and all the plant material from the garden was given a long over night drink in cool water and lasted a week.
Like many of my containers this was given to me by a dear friend who is no longer with us and it gives me great pleasure to remember the happy times we shared together Flower Arranging when ever I use it.

Gayle Shell