Letters – October 2014

Dear Editor,

In a recent article I wrote for the Stn I referred to the town’s Memorial Park as ‘Donkey Park’. Please know that no disrespect was intended towards the memory of those who fought in WW1 or WW2 or to those who commissioned the park in their honour. I apologise profusely for any offence taken, and in particular to M. Bent who brought this to my attention in a letter to the Editor last month.

Yours sincerely,


Dear Editor,

I read with much amusement, P. Gray`s letter in September`s STN, concerning duck feeding.
On reflection, if the writer is serious, are they not admitting to a criminal offence by their own comments, like ‘deliberately tipping great suitcases full of baked goods’ and ‘each handful being a poison dart’. Surely adding food waste to the brook constitutes contaminating a water source and is illegal!! Perhaps this person also condones dog fouling, litter dropping and fly tipping if it is ‘fun, brings happiness, joy and squeals of delight to all concerned’!!
Maybe P. Gray would have the same delight at observing the rats clearing up the leftovers at dusk.
Sounds as if this person would like to be the Town Clown; if so they certainly get my vote.

M. Bent.