Queniborough W. I.

On a balmy August evening a group of us paid a visit to The Allerton Project, run by The Game and Wildlife Conservation Trust. After a ramble led by the project leader, Alistair Leake, around the farm where we saw the world’s largest bird feeder, learnt about farming methods that aid farmers to minimise effects on wildlife and increase yields, visited the recycling unit used by local farmers on a monthly basis – the barn where corn is stored that is used by that well known manufacturer to make everyone’s favourite cereal. We headed back to the eco-friendly visitor centre for a well-earned cup of tea, sandwich and piece of home-made cake. An enjoyable evening was had by all. Anyone wanting to visit the Allerton Project, just have a look at their website online where all the details are available.
Should you wish to join our merry little band come and visit us at Queniborough Village Hall on the 1st Wednesday of every month at 7.45pm. Bring a friend! You will be given a warm welcome.
Wendy Taylor