Barkby and Beeby WI Report

Our September meeting was addressed by Wendy Elizabeth who entertained us with an interesting talk on the art of knotting. I had imagined a talk on macramé, pot holders etc but no, Wendy informed us about the ancient art of knotting from as far back as the Bronze age. The reef knot seems to have been very important in the ancient world.
The remains of a Moon Goddess excavated in the Ancient City of Mexico was found to have serpents tied in reef knots around her body parts. It is said that in Ancient Rome Hercules made a reef knot with two serpents which then became known as the sacred knot and appeared on many artefacts. In ancient Egypt it was known as the blood knot of Isis and was the passport to the underworld. Wendy demonstrated the use of knots to make clothing as far back as the Bronze Age when the first known mini skirt was made at a mere 18 inches long, so that’s where Mary Quant got her idea from!
Along with pictures Wendy brought along a skirt, shawl, poncho, hat, cardigan and even a pair of socks all of which she had made from various yarns, such as cotton, wool, flax and nettles, and all using knots.
She also told us about the men in Ancient Greece doing extraordinary things with a certain part of their anatomy and a leather thong, using knotting but I think I will leave that to your imagination.  This was a very interesting evening and very entertaining.
Pat Glover.