Barkby and Beeby WI

This month Barkby and Beeby WI held their AGM.  After nine years of exceptional leadership and hard work for our WI our president, Julie Judd, has made the decision to stand down but she will still be a big part of the group as a committee member.  After the vote Chris Parker was voted in as our new President and accepted the position, as she was celebrating a very special birthday it was a double celebration.  As it was her birthday she brought in some delicious home made chocolate cake, which was very moreish and not good for the waist line! After the rest of the business was completed and tea and cakes finished a beetle drive was held to round off the evening.  Next month our meeting will be held a week earlier than usual, on the 9th December when we will have Janet Wroe from the Concordia Theatre talking about and showing some of the costumes used there