Can You Help?

Do you have any photos of Syston servicemen or women who died whilst serving their country during WW2?
To celebrate the 70th anniversary of the end of WW2 in August 2015, the Friends of St Peter and St Paul’s Church are appealing to local people who may have photographs of those Syston men and women who died in service during World War Two. Do you have any photos of family members that you could lend us to copy? These will be used in a memorial book that will form a valuable historic document that will be kept permanently in Syston Parish Church.
Local historian Ray Young was able to provide two photographs to start this project off, they were of two young men, Bernard Bentley and John Willday, who were employed pre-war at Eatough’s shoe factory, which was a large local employer. These were on display on a board with the names of the forty four men and one woman who gave their lives for their country when we took a stall at the carnival. Just having two photos on show brought home to me the tragedy of war and how young these men were. The board attracted a lot of attention, which has since born fruit in another photo being handed to us.
Apart from the war memorial, the list of names can be found on the notice board at Gamble and Hollis’s butcher’s shop, and also on the ‘Friends’ section on the website of St Peter and St Paul’s church. This will be an on-going project over the next year, so please mention it to any relatives who you think may have photos.
Photos can be delivered to John Gamble at the shop or to Felicity Austin at 1050, Melton Road Syston, LE7 2NN. Photos should be put in an envelope with the name of the soldier on it, together with the name and address of where to return the photo to. We Promise to Look after the Photos and return them to you within two weeks once we’ve copied them. Photos may also be scanned and sent to Sue Essex at [email protected]
Felicity Austin