New Barkby WI

Mrs R Foster, Vice-President, welcomed members and visitors to New Barkby WI’s October meeting.
Speaker for the evening was Wendy Smith, who came at short notice as the planned speaker was unable to attend.
Wendy spoke of her love of ‘Knotting’, an ancient craft whereby you use a needle, probably made out of bone from the antler of a deer, to sew with. Two knots are usually used, a reef and a half-hitch.
In the middle ages, knots were used in the making of garments, and in Ancient Greece there were eighteen different types of surgical knots.
There were plenty of photographs of different knots to view, including one where DNA was depicted in a knot strand.
Several examples of Wendy’s handiwork were passed around the audience, from a shawl, to a jacket ,to a hat, all made out of different fibres. There was a mask made out of string, and a fancy headdress made and knotted with gold lurex thread. Jewellery was on display for purchase, and members were able to ask questions and view the display after the talk. Wendy also demonstrates at Flag Fen near Peterborough.
The vote-of-thanks was given by Mrs R. Foster.
The Competition winner was Miss E. Loder with a model of a polar bear (The letter ‘P’).
The raffle prize winner was Mrs P. Warren and the Tea Hostesses were Mrs D. Broadhurst and Mrs P. Smith.
There was a Social evening held on Wednesday October 15th. 7.30pm ‘A Tramp Supper’.
The next meeting will be held on Wednesday 5th November at 7.30pm. This will be the Annual meeting featuring a bring and buy sale.
Visitors are always welcome, we are at Syston community centre.