Wreake Valley Academy Celebrate ‘good’ Ofsted rating

Staff and pupils at Wreake Valley Academy in Syston are celebrating after Ofsted inspectors found the school had made significant progress in the last 18 months.
The academy was rated ‘good’ overall – two steps up from the last inspection rating of ‘inadequate’.
The team of five inspectors also saw improvement in all areas at Wreake Valley Academy, awarding it ‘good’ scores for leadership and management, behaviour and safety of pupils, quality of teaching and achievement of pupils.
A separate report was also made on the quality of sixth form provision and that was also seen to have improved to ‘good’.
Principal Tony Pinnock said: “We are absolutely delighted with our new Ofsted rating. It is quite rare for a secondary school to jump two categories in 18 months but we have achieved it thanks to the hard work of staff and governors.”
The previous Ofsted inspection required the school to improve the quality of teaching. Sessions have been held every Tuesday after school for teachers to share best practice and raise standards. Governors also monitor teaching staff more closely. Inspectors, in the latest report, found 88 per cent of lessons were either ‘good’ or ‘outstanding’.
The report refers to a ‘culture of teamwork and a shared passion within the staff for both the academy and the community which it serves’.
Behaviour of pupils was praised and they were seen to take pride in their uniform in a school atmosphere which ‘has a buzz of well ordered camaraderie’. The inspectors noted that the number of students temporarily excluded had fallen rapidly because that was now seen as a last resort.
The inspection team highlighted the need to improve the quality of homework and to monitor students’ progress to identify any requirement for additional learning support and the school said it was already addressing these issues.
Mr Pinnock, who has been in charge at Wreake Valley Academy for three years, said: “The improvement in our quality of teaching makes me particularly proud and this is reflected in our excellent recent GCSE and A-level results.
“The ‘good’ rating is part of our journey towards becoming ‘outstanding’. It will just be a matter of tweaks to get the highest rating next time compared to the big changes which have got us to where we are now.”