STN report on the Full Town Council meeting of 23rd August 2014

There were 15 Councillors and two members of the public present at the full town council held on Tuesday 23rd August.

Public Adjournment
There were no matters raised by the public.

The Reflection
This was read by Cllr H. Screaton.

Apologies were received from four councillors.

Declarations of Interest
A declaration of interest was made by Cllr R. Jones with regards to the item commemorating WW1.

Councillors Reports
Cllr T. Barkley reported that Charnwood Borough Council are currently setting the budget and financial strategy for the next five years. The council is in a strong position and hope to continue to have no council tax rise as in the last four years. He spoke about the approval by CBC of the £55,800 for the Archdale Street Play area and the monies from the S106 for the Adult Equipment. He went on to say that the Methodist Church had received a grant of £15,000 towards the youth cafe and facilities for the Elderly. He went on to ask councillors to urge local groups to apply for the next round. For more information on grants available from Charnwood Borough Council visit, email [email protected] or call 01509 634 710, or contact Cllr Tom Barkley.
Cllr K. Pacey reported that he has been on the scrutiny panel for S106 money for about three to four months. Car Parking panel mainly focused on Loughborough, but he feels it needs to be widened throughout Charnwood, so he has challenged the report due out soon.
All minutes agreed with some amendments.

Chairman’s announcements and communications
A letter had been received from Syston in Bloom telling the council about the Silver Award with a 12% increase in marks from 2013. Also that the 2015 Calendar was now on sale for £3.99.The second was about the AGM for the City and County NHW to be held on Thursday 25th September at St Thomas Moore room County Hall. They meet every six weeks for about two hours. No Councillors offered to go.

Members Questions
A letter had been received from Cllr K. Pacey prompted by a local resident who had asked him when the two memorial stones currently stored in the Cemetery would be placed, having been donated by two local businesses with a value of £600. He wanted to know when the council agreed this as he couldn’t find anything in the minutes, was it done through the acting town manager, if not, then Councillors could be in breach of their Code of Conduct. He also wanted assurance that something like this wouldn’t happen again.
After some discussion it emerged that these stones had been donated with the best of intentions. All agreed that in future any items donated should be recorded clearly.

Police Report
No Police were present. But Cllr P. Turner reported to the council that the damage to the memorial bench was accidental damage and not vandalism.

Commemoration of Outbreak of World War One
Cllr R Jones, left the meeting due to a conflict of interest in this item. It emerged that a panel had been set up to discuss what to do and they had suggested a plaque, at a separate meeting a suggestion of small bench to commemorate the end of the War in four years time was put forward. After a lot of discussion a new proposal was put forward and agreed. That is to have a smaller bench with a plaque above commemorating the start of the war and a larger bench to celebrate the end of the war in four years time. Placement of the larger bench one was not agreed at this full council meeting, but the smaller one would be used as a replacement for the bench outside the community centre and a plaque would be placed above it.

Scrap Metal Collection in Syston
There is one licensed scrap metal dealer in Syston. However, there have been sightings of a blue lorry and a pick up truck going round and emptying skips on driveways and removing scrap and in some cases leaving a mess behind. If they dump anything in a garden it is fly tipping. Charnwood Borough Council would like feedback from residents about these possibly illegal scrap collectors. They have usually been seen around 7.30am, if seen on your street please telephone Charnwood Borough Council and/or 101 and report it.

Community Centre Boiler Repairs
A report had been received from the electrical service done during the summer which found that the control panel for the boilers was in poor condition and a recommendation for replacement was made. Due to the timing it was brought to full council in order to have the repairs made before the weather became colder. The cost was given as £5,279 plus £400 for the values plus VAT. Councillors agreed to this work being done as quickly as possible.

Heritage Fire Station Sign
There was a lot of discussion about this item with regard to colour it should be painted, also the wording to be put on a plaque. Eventually these were agreed and the sign be repainted signal red and that the wording should thank the men and women fire fighters for their service to Syston.

The next item was confidential so members of the public and press where asked to leave.