Christmas Crackers!

Flower Arranging with Gayle Shell
This small scale design uses a shop bought cracker, and is good way to use up those leftover crackers (I found six of differing designs in a carrier back at the back of my Christmas cupboard) or take one from a box to make a gift or small table arrangement.
You will also need a Christmas log cake cardboard base approx 8x5in (20x10cm) or you could cover a piece of card with suitable paper.
Cut the cracker in half so that it looks as if it has been pulled and remove the contents. I always insist my students wear the party hat to get them into the Christmas mood and read the motto out loud. There was a very appropriate one in this cracker.
“Why should you never eat Christmas decorations?”
“Because you might get Tinsel-itus”.
Stick the two halves of the cracker onto the base leaving a space between them, as shown in picture 1 below, then fix a small piece of drifoam or plastecine in the space to take the flowers etc.
Gayle Shell Article 2The decorative material needs to be small scale so that it will not overwhelm the cracker – try to match the colours to those of the cracker.
The outline of the design was made with some small, silver sprayed bare twigs and then filled in with plastic, silver leaves. These were cut down from a large spray, and where necessary, were given a wire stem to make them easy to place in the foam. The little white roses are usually used for headdresses and cake decoration, but any small flowers are suitable and could be cut down from a larger spray of artificial material.
I have added artificial Holly berries, arranged in clusters and small ribbon bows. The string of small pearls are from a recent wedding. Small designs like this are a welcome opportunity to use up leftovers.
Gayle Shell ArticleI have added a little red ribbon tied onto the cracker to complete the look. See picture 2 left.
If you are ambitious you could make one of these for each guest at a Christmas meal. Smaller crackers might be appropriate so as not to crowd the table. With all table designs the guests and food should take preference over flower arrangements.
No matter how small or large my Christmas Table Design, my Husband always removes it to make room for the Turkey!
Happy Christmas.
Gayle Shell.