Declan’s Diary

The 3rd October 16 years ago was the day I met my best friend, my angel. I will never forgot holding the delicate little person in my arms and telling him how perfect he is. Now I’m looking at a man, who is still perfect and delicate – how has 16 years disappeared with what feels like a blink of a eye!
To celebrate this milestone birthday Declan decided to get all his favourite people together and go ice skating, and then have a feast at TGI’s. We had a lovely day and nobody fell over, except my nephew who was then glued to a metal penguin for support.
Back in July, I was told this day wouldn’t happen, his liver was too damaged. Well I think my Declan will continue to prove people wrong and have many more birthdays and will continue to bring joy and inspiration into people’s lives that he meets.
So Santa, thank you so much for my Christmas present, my fantastic son to be at the dinner table, tucking into Christmas dinner with all my family, telling silly cracker jokes, playing games and watching festive TV.
I hope each and everyone of our readers has a Christmas full of smiles, laughter and moments that will be everlasting magical memories, just like I know I will have this year.