To The Editor,

I attended the meeting on the 6th November at the Loughborough Town Hall regarding the land to the north of Thurmaston being turned into a housing development.
We were informed that we would not be allowed to ask any questions or take any part in the meeting, in fact we were asked to refrain from clapping.
This being the case I wondered if I could ask the seven councillors, who voted for the motion to be passed, through your newspaper for some explanation to a few questions still without an answer.
1) How with 4,500 extra homes, which will generate at least 9,000 cars extra on our already overcrowded lanes work. Just today the Costco Island and the complete shambles that is the Asda roundabouts were at grid lock. The only good thing to come with these houses will be no more speed humps because the traffic will be stationary. Please note emergency services would be unable to respond due to traffic congestion.
2) The police have stated quite clearly to the council in writing that they will not be able to police an area of this size (only one question asked re this matter) will this mean burglar’s and rapist’s etc., will have a free hand.
3) One of the councillors admitted she did not know how many primary and junior schools are in the area – surely she should have done some homework prior to making a decision that affects so many people.
4) Another councillor repeatedly pointed out she was not at the previous meeting so she apologised if she was asking questions that had been asked before, again all she had to do was refer to her minutes and she would have known what had been said.
5) The chair person pointed out that he was not happy to pass the motion due to the fact housing is wanted to the west of the city, not the east. I would also assume like most people who attended the meeting that he was not satisfied with the answer’s that were given to the questions raised.
6) One councillor praised the proposed plan saying it was the best he had ever seen – I can only assume it is his first plan he has seen or the other plan he saw was Hitler’s plan to invade Russia!
Considering these and other outstanding problems, I can only assume the seven councillors have something to gain by passing the above motion.
Councillors are voted to represent the views of the community, in this case the seven have failed in their duty and they should now own up and explain why they have totally disregarded the will of their constituents.
I hope you can print the above and any response you should get. A copy forwarded to me would be appreciated.


W. StablerThurmaston.

Dear Editor

I write with disgust at the inconsideration shown by a lot of the dog owners who exercise their dogs on Wreake Valley Academy’s playing fields.
Recently our Under-11 team hosted a home game there on a Sunday morning. Before our allotted kick off time we were forced to pick up numerous pieces of dog excrement that had been left lying all over our pitch. This unfortunately now has become the norm, however this year has been by far the worst and on this particular Sunday we had parents and children from both teams identifying the mess until it was collected. From one pitch we collected a full size supermarket carrier bag full!!! – from one pitch!!!
Our opponents were staggered that we had to go through this process every week and put a formal complaint in to Leicestershire and Rutland County FA.
In the past, remarks to dog owners about picking up their pets mess has been met with foul mouthed expletives and threatening behaviour, this is a school playing field for goodness sake, children are to be encouraged to play sport and should not be subjected to these health hazards that lie around.
Apart from fencing off a small area to protect their pupils the school are unable to solve the problem, understandably due to the prohibitive cost of fencing the whole area off. They have been most supportive to us as a club since our inception in 2006, but even their own teams that play on these pitches face the same problem.
One particular person exercises her pack, their must be at least six, of Collies and Alsatians, letting them run wild over the field with not a plastic bag in sight.
Don’t these people realise not only the unpleasantness but the dangers associated with this problem, obviously not.
I am a dog owner and pick up every piece of mess my pooch leaves around, and have done since her first walk. Is it that big a deal to pick up your pets mess or is society gradually descending into the don’t care abyss? I fear so….

David Ward
Riverside United Junior Football Club

A copy of this letter has been forwarded to Charnwood Borough Council Dog Warden.