Stn report on the Full Town Council meeting of 28th October 2014

Minute Silence • Syston Youth Cafe • Town Centre Junction Improvement Scheme • County and Borough Councillors reports • Commemoration of Outbreak of WW1

There were fourteen councillors present plus Rev. D. Warnock who gave the reflection. Five councillors sent apologies.

Minute Silence
A minute’s silence was held in respect of the late Ron Jenkins, a former Chairman of Syston Town Council, who had also represented County and Borough. There were no public matters raised.

Declarations of Interest
Cllr R. Jones declared an interest in item 14, Commemoration of Outbreak of World War One, Update.
Cllr E. Vardy declared a personal and pecuniary interest in item 5, Syston Youth Cafe; Methodist Church.

Syston Youth Cafe
The Rev. D. Warnock outlined plans for a dedicated Youth Cafe and Community Hub to be located at the Methodist Church in Syston. An area of the building was to be used exclusively for this purpose. The cafe was planned to be completed during early 2015. To date £200K had been raised towards the project, mainly by funds from the Methodist Church and grants have been received from Leicestershire County Council and Charnwood Borough Council. The Methodist Church was working closely with Charnwood Borough Council, GoGetters and WorthIt are to progress the project. Trained, paid, youth workers would be on site, and councillors were also invited to volunteer their services. The Youth Cafe would be managed by an external partner. The Rev. D. Warnock requested an annual donation of £5.5k from Syston Town Council which would help to fund one, three hour evening session per week comprising of two paid youth workers and supported by volunteers. Councillors agreed that the Youth Cafe would provide a useful service for the young people of Syston, but agreed that progress feedback in the form of an annual report would be required. There were also concerns about the commitment of providing funding over a three year period and this should be considered further at the next Resources Committee meeting.

Town Centre Junction Improvement scheme
A report by Leicestershire County Council providing feedback from the consultation carried out on Syston Town Centre roundabout improvement scheme at Melton Road/High Street/Barkby Road junction was presented by Mr S. Bullen of Leicestershire County Council. A questionnaire had been circulated to all residents and businesses and 52 responses were returned and evaluated. The arising issues raised included requests for traffic lights, moving the zebra crossing on Melton Road and requests for a crossing on Barkby Road as well as concerns over traffic congestion. An independent safety audit had been carried out by URS Consultancy and as a result the plans had been adjusted to allow the narrowing of the footway on the west side of Melton Road without adverse effects to pedestrians. The entry and exit lanes on Melton Road were proposed to be moved further west and a modification to the island would guide vehicles from Barkby Road in a more circular movement. The give way line on Barkby Road had been positioned further forward to improve visibility to northbound drivers on Melton Road when entering from Barkby Road. If approved, work would commence in early 2015 with a predicted construction period of three to four weeks. Councillors discussed the scheme which was accepted with just two councillors objecting the proposal.

County and Borough Councillors Reports
Cllr D. Houseman reported that Leicestershire County Council Public Health Department would be meeting on November 21st 2014 for a multi agency exercise to consider the implications of the Ebola virus should it become prevalent in the UK. He reassured Members that a contingency plan for Ebola was already in place.
Shingles vaccinations were available at health centres for those aged between 70 and 79 years, as well as those with specific health complications.
Yellow line marking at the junction of Melton Road and St Peters Street had been delayed but would soon go ahead.
Cllr T. Barkley requested that all aspects of anti-social behaviour witnessed should be reported to Charnwood Borough Council.
Community grants of up to £2.5K were available from the Shire Community Grant Scheme; any Members aware of local community groups that may benefit from this should contact Cllr Barkley.
Halloween Trick or Treat Welcome or Not Welcome stickers for use by residents were available from Charnwood Borough Council.
There would be a zero percentage Council Tax increase for 2015/2016.
Cllr K. Pacey reported a recent local quality check required all Councillors to answer questions from an outside body regarding training. An assessment of this was planned for 11th November. There was also a committee meeting arranged to discuss S106 usage. A licensing committee meeting regarding licensing control of taxi drivers had taken place. He went on to say that the 70th Anniversary of the Holocaust was planned for January 27th 2015 at Queens Park, Loughborough. The invitation was open to all, further details were available from Cllr K Pacey.
Cllr E. Vardy reported that the inspection of the Charnwood Borough Council Core Strategy would re-commence on 9th December 2014 for two weeks with a further two weeks at the beginning of January 2015. A local planning application had been deferred at the last meeting and would now be looked at on 6th November 2014. He finished by saying that there had been 33 entries submitted for the ‘Quality Design Awards.’ Winners from a variety of categories would be announced at the end of November.
All minutes were accepted.

Chairman’s announcements and communications
A letter had been received from Leicestershire County Council, confirming that the culvert replacement work at Fosse Way, Syston would commence on 3rd November 2014.
A ‘Town Manager’s Progress Report’ was discussed and accepted.
Charnwood Borough Council had identified the Melton Road Car Park in Syston as a suitable site for a Changing Place Toilet; this would provide access space for a special needs person and two carers. A 100% grant could be provided from Charnwood Borough Council.

Syston Town Council Ebay Account
The Town Manager suggested creating an Ebay account which could be used to create more funding when disposing of redundant equipment owned by Syston Town Council. After some discussion it was agreed that it was a good idea and that it should be taken further.

Member’s Questions received to the Chairman
A letter to the Chairman from Cllr H. Screaton was read out to Council. The letter made reference to comments at the Full Council meeting on September 23rd regarding ‘stones at the Cemetery’.

Police Report
No Police were present and their report had been circulated. A number of queries were to be followed up by the Town Manager.

Commemoration of Outbreak of WW1 update
The commemorative plaque which would be placed at the Community Centre was passed around the table for Councillors to view. All Councillors were invited to remembrance ceremony on 11th November at 10.45am at Town Hall Square followed by a dedication of a commemorative bench.

Amendment of Standing Order 1(n)
New legislation had been introduced allowing the filming and recording of all public meetings including Council Meetings. As a result, Standing Order 1(n) would need to be amended to reflect this. It was agreed to omit the word ‘not’ from item 1(n) of the Syston Town council’s standing orders, in order to comply with the new legislation.