New Barkby WI

Mrs B Saunders, President, welcomed members and visitors to the December meeting. Appointed to the committee were Secretary, Mrs S Arthur and other members, Mrs V Cobb; Mrs R Foster and Mrs J Oliver. Also giving extra support will be Mrs L Bennison; Mrs M Gamble and Mrs C Iliffe.
The speaker was Mr Simon Morgan, a chef, who now gives demonstrations to organisations such as Womens Institutes. He is very fit and active, having had a heart transplant, and has kept an allotment as well as being a bee keeper.
The dishes he prepared were apple slices with a ginger-based dip, a pork and game terrine; a duck dish and a ham hock which can be cooked very slowly, even overnight, then, when the meat falls from the bone it is wrapped in cling film and squeezed hard and put into the fridge to set. To round off, there was a dried fruit compote, served with lashings of brandy and a quick brandy sauce to accompany it.
The tea hostesses were Mrs A Smith and Mrs J Smith, who served refreshments, but then had a pile of washing up to do after the demonstration, but many hands make light work, so there was plenty of help in the kitchen afterwards.
Mrs Pat Warren gave the vote of thanks and also wan the raffle prize. The competition for the letter ‘C’ was won by Mrs M Gamble with a tiny doll in a tiny crib. The letter ‘D’ competition was won by Mrs J Goulden with a wooden Russian doll.
We wish all the Syston Town News readers a Happy New Year.