Daniel Burton Launches First Novel

Leicester author Daniel Burton has launched his first novel.
Daniel used to contribute to the Stn while studying for his A levels at Wreake Valley Academy.
We are very proud to have helped him in his career as a writer and Daniel explains how he has achieved the publication of his first novel.
Having tried the mainstream publishing route, Daniel made the decision to self-publish with Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing. His novel, ‘Heartbound’, is a story about friendship and loss and how friends can get people through the most difficult of times.
“It was hard at times,” Daniel admits. “My main character, Davey, goes through a lot and I felt such a strong connection with him. I even cried at some points!”
‘Heartbound’ itself is set in various areas of Leicester, and Daniel says this was no accident. “It just felt like the right place,” he says. “Having grown up here, it was easy to picture the setting and it just worked. You get inspirations from what goes on around you and where you are.”
Daniel has dreamt of being an author since the age of sixteen. Before ‘Heartbound’, he wrote two other novels, but they were not published. He has already begun writing a fantasy series, the first book of which he hopes to publish later this year.
‘Heartbound’ is available from the Kindle store: http://www.amazon.co.uk/Heartbound-Friendship-Never-Daniel-Burton-ebook/dp/B00RQSAZJ0/ref=asap_bc?ie=UTF8.
At the time of going to print Daniel’s book had reached Amazon’s top ten!