Flower Arranging by Gayle Shell

The inspiration for this design was a set of wooden candlesticks I received as a Christmas present.
Initially they were placed beside a jug of Daffodils bought after Christmas to cheer me up. Then I thought they would make a good group teamed with a simple design of white Tulips.
Pure white Tulips proved difficult to acquire on a dreary January afternoon so I settled for pale pink ones with a white centre.
The container is a turned wooden Tazza, where it came from I cannot remember, probably a Jumble sale, which I felt linked well with the wooden candle sticks. This is not waterproof so I filled a small plastic saucer with wet foam held in place with a plastic pin holder. This stood about four inches above the container.
Then, into the garden for inspiration. I chose some bare branches from the Plum tree thinking their reddish-black colour linked with the wooden bowl and candlesticks. The large leaves of the Arum Italicum echoed the white of the candles and inside of the Tulips.
I made an outline with the branches and then filled in the spaces with the tulips. Some of the Tulips were opened out to create a different form and these were placed to the centre and the bottom third of the design. Finally I filled in the spaces, where the foam showed, with the large leaves, placing some towards the back to give depth.
I topped up the container with water and placed the candlesticks at the side of the arrangement.
I remembered then that February is the Month of Candlemas, the blessing of candles, in the old traditions of the Christian Church.
My design was a little pool of light to cheer the dark days of February.