Barkby and Beeby W.I.

At the Barkby and Beeby meeting at the end of last year Julie Judd stood down as our President after nine years and we are all very grateful to her for the time and effort she put in during her this time. We have also welcomed Chris Parker as our new President for this year. In December we had a visit from the wardrobe mistress of the Concordia theatre with some of the costumes which were modelled by three of our members with some hilarious results!
At our last meeting we were given an insight into a typical day of a Victorian Gentleman by Gareth King. A man was judged to be a gentleman by the way he acted and dressed. As an example, their nightgown would be made from hand dyed woven cloth,  they were never seen in their shirt sleeves, even in their own home.  Shirts didn’t have fixed collars, but where a working man had only one collar, kept for best, the gentlemen would have a variety of collars for different occasions. Their shirts would have no buttons, like the working classes, but be fastened with studs, along with the collar and cuffs. They had different coats for different times of the day, one for breakfast, one for morning, one for the afternoon and another for the evening, all different in style. They also had a hat and stick for every occasion.
As gentlemen they were allowed to carry a sword stick or a pistol as protection against muggers and could protect themselves without fear of prosecution, how times have changed! This was a very interesting evening as it included a history of the clothes, also modelled, the etiquette of the period and some funny anecdotes. We meet on the third Tuesday of each month in Barkby village hall at 7-30 pm please come and join us you will be made very welcome.