Declan’s Diary

The highlight of January for Declan was an evening out with his uncle to watch Jimmy Carr at DeMontfort Hall, unfortunately my brother didn’t treat me to a ticket so I just had to play taxi driver! My bother was back in Leicester for the weekend and took Declan into town for a boys day out.
Revision played a big part during January for Declan as he had to sit his mock exams, we haven’t had his results yet but considering what happened last summer I’m just grateful he’s able to sit them and I’ll be proud whatever his results are. After leaving Wreake, Declan is hoping to go to Loughborough to study media and games design, we have been to a taster evening, and although Declan found it quite daunting he’s also quite excited about studying something he’s really interested in and hopes to eventually design computer games. Declan’s ambition is so commendable, he always looks at what he can do rather than what he can’t, and strives to make it happen.