Horse Chestnut Tree Felled At Barkby United Cricket Club

A monster Chestnut Tree believed to be over 300 years old was felled at Barkby Cricket Club in February.The tree had come to the end of its natural life span and there have been concerns that it now presented a safety hazard for some time. In Summer 2013 a number of rotten branches fell off and could quite easily have killed anybody unlucky enough to have been nearby at the time. The health of Horse Chestnuts has been a cause for concern for some time and a new survey has revealed that an invasive army of leaf minor caterpillars attack the tree and cause Chestnut Canker for which there is no defence.It is feared that if no cure is found, this tree could disappear from our landscape within the next twenty years. The cricket club had serious health and safety issues together with the potentially devastating environmental problem to consider. Only the swift and sensible decision of landowner Squire John Pochin to fell the tree will avert any further spread of the disease locally.”We are very grateful to Mr Pochin” said Ian Berrisford, Barkby CC Chairman. “He yet again has shown what a great friend he is to the cricket club. The removal of this tree guarantees the future of the game of cricket in Barkby.”
The club will be planting two replacement hardwood trees later this Summer. Veteran Barkby cricketer Kevin Flowers said the tree has stopped many of my fours and sixes over the years, but on the plus side it has stopped boundaries when I have bowled any loose deliveries, but it will seem strange without the tree being there.
Hugh Asher